Dangerous Drivers in America: Loss of Decency & Our Future

Dangerous Drivers in America: Loss of Decency & Our Future

Is this our future now, more and more drivers who could care less how they drive and whether it affects your driving – or your life….? And note, this is not ‘only’ happening in America….

First, it does not matter at all on multiple factors as to who the ‘dangerous driver’ is. It could be a:

  • Black woman or a White woman
  • Black man or White man
  • or any other race out there….
  • Old man or Old Woman – or young punk of any age grouping (I basically put that moniker on anyone of any age group… 😊)

So, do not get up on high horses about race and/or ethnicity and/or discrimination because this is occurring across all spectrums.

This morning, at 7.23a, Jun 5th on Connecticut Ave NW in D.C. (something like the 8000 block of Connecticut) I was endangered out of the blue. How do I know the exact time – well, I had to take photos because of the recklessness of it all.

A MD woman, see image, in a Dodge Charger, license plate – 3dt2865 with 2023 expiration date was driving parallel to me but she was behind a slow driver. So, what did the MD driver do, she wanted to go around that car and just started merging into my lane – WHILE I WAS IN IT

Mind you, the car in front of the MD driver was doing the speed limit, maybe 2-3 miles over the 30-mph zone.

Did I blow my car horn…? DID I BLOW MY CAR HORN – you bet your bottom $5,000 I did.

Did not matter, woman kept coming over and I did not want to have my vehicle damaged and take her to court to sue her for everything I could.

All I could do at that moment was move over – LUCKILY there was no vehicle to my right (and yes indeed, I did check first). Followed her, I did (as Yoda might phrase it…).

At the next stop light took a couple of pix of the cars’ rear. And after catching up at another stop light, albeit two lanes over and took the profile photo.

What do you do in these situations? Well, for sure you do not drive like a bat out of hell to catch up and/or try to tail gate the bad driver. Because you then become another bad driver….

Who do you call? D.C. police since it was within D.C. city limits? MD police since it was a MD driver? Which municipality?

What would either of them say? 

  • Just move over out of the way….
  • Let the crazy driver move on.
  • But ‘you’ say, “I want to flag/record it.” They ‘might‘ say ‘okay‘ – but it is highly unlikely they will waste their precious time logging a bad driver without explicit evidence. Or severely harmed or dead human…

Here’s the thing, this is occurring more frequently, especially since the pandemic eased up and people were out and about again.  Most of this preposterous, crazy and lack of regard for normal, safe and legal driving was due to the past disgraceful, corrupt and poor choice of an American president – number 45.  And please do not tell us that president was/is not corrupt, dishonest, disgraceful. because there are mountains of evidence against him, including his business dealings since the 80s.

Here is another tidbit for ya:

Thursday morning, Jun 2nd, a black woman in her mid-30s was tail-gating ME because I was not doing (a nominal figure here) 10 – 20 miles over the 50-mph speed limit approaching the I-295 off-ramp for S. Capitol St & Malcolm X Drive at DIA HQ, JBAB. (If you look at the plates as I do, you will see this kind of behavior occurs more with MD drivers than D.C. or VA drivers.)

She wanted ME to speed up and do 60-65 (instead of the 45 I was doing on the off-ramp) to allow HER to do that HIGHER speed, ON the curving off-ramp.

She also wanted to parallel merge into my lane to force me over so she could zip by and continue doing 60 – 65-mph.

I brought this up inside our work spaces and another team mate said that kind of driving happened to him the previous week. Team mate was in the turn right lane but the driver in the other car, she wanted to go faster, so she got into the center NON-turn lane and just flat out cut off my team mater before he could make the right turn.

MANY of us have seen THAT kind of driver, male or female.

Coming back to today, on my way home, a three-lane section of Connecticut Ave, no car in front of me or in front of the car to my right. Yet abruptly, that driver, an older white guy – he simply decided to cut in front of me and jump into the middle lane.

So, I put on my signal and moved to the right lane. The light was red, so I rolled down my window to just turn and look and him. Not say a thing, no gestures – just look…

He saw me looking yet he continued yammering away on his cell phone… yep, he was on the phone, in his right hand.

These kinds of activities are progressively creeping up the ladder and getting worse – just more bad behavior as time goes on. More egregious behaviors towards any other driver around these bad drivers. And these bad, “dangerous” drivers are getting more out of hand.  Decency…? Legality…?

What is a stop sign for those who do not give .58 cents to stop signs or red flashing lights or pedestrians or kids on bikes….?
Speed limit of 20mph in a school district. So. It does not matter to these recalcitrant drivers – they want to do 50mph and if there are any children nearby, or an elderly citizen with mobility issues steps out into the street – well, too bad.

That is what is happening in the minds of these drivers. They will continue to become worse. We are all seeing this in person or in the news. And it is definitively due to poor disregard to legality stemming from our 45th president and whatever got into the brains of these dangerous drivers while couped up during the CoViD lockdowns… so these individuals could release their urges and say “to hell” with decency and traffic regulations…

For the rest of you out there – be careful, be extremely careful. There are more and more dangerous (looney tune) drivers out there.  Even if you do observe driving regulations/laws, you now have to step up your game and be on the lookout for those drivers who do not observe the laws or respect for others…

Another dangerous driver:

Jun 24, 2022 6.24am Beach Dr. D.C. – DC License plate GF4134

This woman was tailgating me in a 25 mph zone all along a stretch of Beach Dr. near the Zoo in NW D.C. She was trying to force me to go 10 – 15 miles over the speed limit. This is a maneuver quite a few Maryland and some DC drivers try to force other drivers to do, all day long, so the do not have to follow the speed limit on this two lane road. Especially early in the morning when they believe there are no police around to catch them. — So, at the very first stop sign, I got out to snap these pix of her.

Supreme Court Judges’ Door Steps – “New Born Baby Drop-off Points” – Safe Haven Act/Law…?

Well women, it seems that some of the supreme court judges have now opened a gateway and their door steps for those of you who ARE going to be forced to carry an unwanted fetus to birth.

  • Amy Barret,
  • Clarence Thomas,
  • Brett Kavanaugh,
  • Gorsuch and / or
  • Alito

After going through a forced baby delivery (now and in the future), find a way to get to one of these homes – if you are able to – and then (hopefully) leave your backwards thinking state for good.

But if you are UNABLE to travel to deliver the unwanted baby to one of those door steps, put that baby in a box. Use the Safe Haven law / act (please look it up). Include a note saying “here is the baby I was forced to carry to birth” at the door step of a church or fire station. At night. And do it very, very stealthily so they do not track you back to your home….

In addition to that, VOTE and make YOUR voice heard and remove those wrong individuals from political power in your county, city and state.

Women of America – You Have Literally Been Screwed by the Supreme Court

We are going back to the 60s again, back alley abortions. All because of the 45th president’s choices for the supreme court, most of whom (I hate to say it but I am saying it) I hope:

  • That they drop on the spot they’re standing on
  • Pass ever so peacefully to their promised land of beauty and love (and hypocrisy)
  • So they may meet their wonderful maker at their desirous pearly gates
    • but since we cannot threaten people with bodily harm, verbally or physically
      • may they drop immediately from an aneurysm… and go happily to their secret garden

But what the heck is going on? Are we about to venture into the NON-delightful world of ‘back alley abortions’ of the 60s / 70s? AGAIN!

We already know Gorsuch and Kavanaugh literally lied about Roe v Wade to the senators in the confirmation hearings… Or rather, they ‘allegedly’ lied about it (psst, it is captured on recordings, you can find it on YouTube – unless you believe in conspiracies and think they are all doctored videos…). And Alito, well – make up your own mind on that individual.

On Thomas, he never should have gotten a seat on the court at all. And this is even more so after what we now know about Ginnie…. There is no doubt that these two ‘do’ talk about some controversial issues.  And yes, there are many couples out there where one has a security clearance or BOTH have a security clearance but in separate areas – who “do not” talk about work related items because they will go to jail if caught.

Folks, especially our sisters, wives, partners, daughters – YOU HAVE TO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!! You simply must MAKE the time to vote out those individuals who are causing mayhem in the political and social environments in your community, state and country. You MUST vote these people out of their positions in: State legislature or senate or federal senator or congressman/woman and or Governor.

And you have to use your:

  • brains,
  • common sense,
  • logic

in voting those individuals out who are actually bad for, again, your community, state and country.

You simply CANNOT rely on others to do the voting for you because it just does not work that way.

YOU have to vote and make it count for better men or women to hold office.

Then too, you MUST realize that voting for individuals who follow conspiracy thinking is one of the most egregious (worse) things you could possibly do. Because these individuals will not be working on valid issues but issues that are in rabbit holes – with no relation to what your community needs and/or requires.

You MUST realize that voting for individuals with state and federal convictions (or sometimes even just in prison pre-conviction). Here, look at this one – would you vote for a man who is in prison facing a charge of murdering his wife?

Would you, in your best state of mind vote for individuals who conduct illegal insider trading when those individuals KNOW it is illegal but do it anyway?

Would you vote for or even follow individuals who are convicted of conspiracy and sedition – as some of the January 6, 2021 rioters, oh, wait – I am so sorry – I meant those peaceful people who happened to be at the capitol who were illegally trespassing (not the ones who did the initial breaking and entering)…? But what about those peaceful and lovely folks at the capitol who somehow, somehow managed to cause policemen to die or policemen/women to have serious bodily damage done to them….?  Would you vote for those kinds of individuals…?

We seem to have opened Pandora’s Box to the Future of Hell in America once the 45th president was installed into office. An individual who sees nothing wrong with cutting corner or following wrongful (illegal?) advice from an allegedly odd individual in Stephen Miller. That 45th president, if any of you are willing to go do your own research – you will see the pattern of this individual’s integrity and political mindset, since the early 80s. IT IS ALL THERE for you to see and read. Tell you what, here is one example of Trump’s insidious, deceitful, dishonest moments:

  • The Bonwit Teller building, a luxurious limestone building erected in 1929. The face of the building featured two huge Art Deco friezes that the Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted to preserve. The museum asked Trump to save the sculptures and donate them, and the mogul agreed—as long as the cost of doing so wasn’t too high.
  • But then, according to journalist Harry Hurt III in his book Lost Tycoon, Trump discovered that taking out the sculptures would delay demolition by two weeks. He wasn’t willing to wait. “On his orders, the demolition workers cut up the grillwork with acetylene torches,” Hurt wrote. “Then they jackhammered the friezes, dislodged them with crowbars, and pushed the remains inside the building, where they fell to the floor and shattered in a million pieces.”


So, after doing some of your own research, some soul searching and very, VERY deliberative thinking on your own – many of us really hope you do the right thing and restore democracy to America. Maybe then we can call it the United States.  But we cannot call it the United States right now.

The non-secular population is declining as more people see how logical science is over religion and turning more and more to secular lifestyles.

Abortion rights. Women’s rights.

There is no person on earth who can be the final arbiter of a woman’s decision to have an abortion or not. ONLY that woman has that right. No man or partner can dictate to woman that she cannot have an abortion.

No ‘court’ can dictate to a woman that she MUST carry that pregnancy to fruition! Only that pregnant woman has that decision to make. And to force a woman to carry a non-thinking, non-breathing, non-conscious fetus to birth even if that pregnancy was caused by rape or unwanted incest – that is horrid enough by itself.

— Tell me something Amy Barret, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Alito – if your daughter is raped by a criminal (or neighbor from church) – are you going to stand idly by and smile beatifically at that daughter and push her to carry that unwanted pregnancy to fruition…?

I’d bet my soul to hell that you would not. You would covertly and QUIETLY as all get out, to get that daughter on vacation 😉 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE to have that fetus aborted (but then again, I am not religious).

And here is another hypothetical – what if the rapist was, GASP – a person of color, be it:

  • brown,
  • black,
  • Arabic,
  • Mexican,
  • African,
  • African-American
  • you get where I’m coming from.

MOST of you know bloody damn well that these sanctimonious, hypocritical individuals will MAKE that daughter of theirs have a covert abortion…

As it stands – an abortion is a PAINFUL and DIFFICULT ENOUGH of a decision to make and the woman already knows that.

So, all you thinking people of America, vote out these individuals out of office. It is not too late to get back on track to a better future before that 45th president opened Pandora’s Box of loonies to spring forth and cause the harm they are doing.

Because, besides the abortion issue, we also have the supreme court’s ruling on concealed carry. Be ready to duck and cover because there WILL be more guns on the street. And these gun carriers who believe they are protecting themselves JUST MAY end up killing YOU BY ACCIDENT….

We, as a country, cannot safely go forward with this patchwork of wrong individuals in positions of power, holding sway over the majority. That is not what this country was supposed to be working towards. We WERE supposed to be working towards a successful future together, one which Obama tried to kick-start until the Republican party ruined all of his efforts, starting with blocking Obama’s choice of supreme court justice (Merrick Garland).

Now, we have Republican parties throughout the country completely screwing up our progress after the 45th president – Biden is ham strung until YOU ALL GET OUT AND VOTE!

You must. 

Please, you simply must make the effort to get out and vote…. Vote out the incompetent and wrong people in power. Please. Use your brain – think about the future.

Because if you do not think about the future and the future of those around you and behind you – we will all just continue down the slide to a world most of us will not want to live in. It will not be a better place for your children and grand-children.

But here is the kicker, if you believe your vote does not matter in your state – LEAVE, IF YOU CAN. MOVE to a better state and start a better life. Let the state you left behind start to rot from brain drain and the flow of better people moving to states that welcome and deserve them.

When your old state realizes the damage they have done to themselves, they will see how harmful the impact is, to them. But YOU will be doing better elsewhere.

Please – if you are able to – leave your backwards thinking state. But note, the outbound brain drain flow may take a few years to fully kick in. And if you leave your state, remember to change your drivers’ license as soon as possible. But if you are UNABLE to leave your state and are forced to carry a fetus to birth – find a way to get to the homes of:

  • Amy Barret,
  • Clarence Thomas,
  • Brett Kavanaugh,
  • Gorsuch and / or
  • Alito

and drop off these justices’ little bundle of joy they steps for those of you who ARE going to be forced to carry, at their doorstep – in a box, with a note saying “here is your baby you wanted me to carry”. Use the Safe Haven Law / Act (please look it up).

And note – DO NOT dump the current president, it is NOT his fault, his hands are tied by republican parties and groups around the country. The presidents’ ability to do anything will not change until YOU vote these bad, wrong individuals OUT OF POWER.

Citibank – Racial Equity Commercial

Hello Citibank (Citigroup / Citi….).

You recently started a commercial series on racial equity.

Well, how serious are you and how deep are you willing to go in order to help with ‘racial equity’…?

Check out the situation that is occurring in West Jasper County, Mississippi – with that school’s district first black school superintendent. Dr. Kenitra Ezi. Ezi is likely to be terminated due to racial discrimination (alleged).

It appears one racial group of people living in that county does not want someone from another racial group of people to be successful OR to help folks of the other racial group of people to become BETTER people / humans / citizens.

  • You can figure out the racial groups I am referring to with only about 0.02% of your brain power…

Antonia Hylton did the great job of interviewing Kenitra and some of the Bay Springs H.S. activist students (like Nadasha Jones – a straight-A student) to talk about this significant topic affecting the haves and have nots of the two schools in the district. Bay Springs H.S., the pre-dominantly black student body is the school with the have nots while the other school, Stringer are the haves…

Here are a couple of things going on, or rather ‘NOT happening at Bay Springs H.S.,


  • air conditioning in their school gym – FOR SEVEN YEARS prior to being corrected, which of course, Stringer, ‘the haves’, have everything and more
  • AP programs (they may have ‘some’ at this point)
  • Safe school infrastructure – only crumbling, medically unsafe environment (can you spell MOLD?) – likely to have been fixed, maybe, at this point….??

Basically, the other school is getting all the funding and ‘better’ school programming, while Bay Springs is left with a subpar budget and sub-prime school programs.

Ezi was brought in to improve the entire school district, here is her comment from a March 4, 2022 school board meeting, on putting her on leave:
“I understand that there is dissension between Bay Springs and Stringer, and it is wrong,” Ezi said. “I want to work together to fix what’s wrong.”


So, Citi, would your organization jump in to help the Bay Springs H.S. come up to par with Stringer’s level…?  Some kind of donations to help Bay Springs improve…

I do not know of legalities, not an expert in that area – but there are definitely things an entity your size can do to help Bay Springs H.S. of West Jasper county improve…

If this was not a case of racial inequity, I do not know what is. This is a definitive case for improving racial equity. Is this ‘not’ a worthwhile project to pursue – in helping to hammer out discrimination and inequality and inequities…?

And this is only ONE out of thousands across the country.

Kudos to Yasmin Vossoughian for airing this on her news hour.

The Taliban, errr – sorry, ‘American Right’ Are Coming for YOU… (part 1 of 2)

Is That What’s Really Happening….

Note, I wrote this in a rush to get it somewhat off my brain to get back to some other tasks I need to do, so please bear with me for this article, I may come back to polish it up more but you will get the gist of it hereThat is, if I can put with WordPress’ pathetic mode of editing

To be clear, this does not extend to all Republicans, or folks on the Right – there are some that are very decent and very democratically oriented. This is primarily aimed at the, ummm – more outer edge and QAnon type ‘Right’.

But. We do have quite a significant number of Conservative Republicans – men (mostly men), women, white (mostly white), black (interestingly), yellow, brown, red, straight (mostly) and a few gay (again, interestingly) – that are quite puritanical and religiously oriented about how ALL Americans should behave and act.

Because of the “Draft” Overturn of Roe v Wade from the Supreme Court, the country has gone into banana mode, led by McConnell and some of his buddies and their red state legislators. I am not even including Trump in this, he is just too far off the rails to be considered sane.

This has finally led me to believing that America is being led astray by a LOUD minority of folks in this country. Here, let’s compare a few things and you make up your own mind – AFTER you do your own research AND your own thinking OUTSIDE of all conspiracy circles and Facebook siloes.
YOU need to do the deep soul searching and information content on your own and by yourself first before coming back to debate/discuss it with others.

(Apologies on the table formatting, it did not come across as in the original paper)

Taliban EdictsRepublicans’ Wet Dreams
Women cannot drive long distances without a guardian (this means a male, of any age), since the Taliban believes women need to be overseen at all times and have no say in anything.
And if there is no guardian and the woman does so, the guardian (man or boy) will be paid a visit by the Taliban.      

Women will not be educated beyond grade school (upper education schools are being shut down or already shut down – May 2022)

Women will cover their faces at all times in public and on TV        

Women are not equal to men and never will be        

Religion shall be all about Allah – no other religion will be practiced or allowed                  

Adultery – beaten via the Sharia mechanism or even stoned to death    

Taliban want supreme control over everything

* Women will be banned from any abortion, regardless of rape or incest
* Women will be banned from leaving the state for abortions
* Women will be banned from receiving abortion medication
* Women will be forced to endure the unwanted, repugnant pregnancy, whether they like it or not – even if they were raped by their FATHER or UNCLE or a LUNATIC criminal
* Women will have no right regarding pregnancy, except to deliver the baby

Education will be led by the conservative republicans, there will be:
* no gay subject matter for grade school;
* no anti-racist material in schools;
* no critical race theory will be taught in grade school, high school or college
* meaning – republicans really do not want future generations to learn about racist attitudes of the past (and today) nor any horrific activities that their ancestors undertook (lynchings and raids and firebombing towns and outright murder – even tar and feather) to quelch ANY kind of equality and continue to suppress anyone of color and gender
* Conservative republicans want to continue to whitewash history, especially in Texas;
* removing any kind of racist horrors and history from ALL text books in grade / high school – leaving only some kind of puffery (and a very short blurb at that) regarding that time in history.
* Then when these school kids become adults and move to another state – the adult who grew up in a state whitewashing history becomes horrified (the smart liberal ones at any rate) to learn that they were taught partial history (or none) which was covered up rather than the full and complete atrocities that were done
* The Japanese tried this years ago regarding the murder, raping, looting, and burning in the Chinese city of Nanjing (then known as Nanking) in 1937   

Next will be what kind of clothing women and young people are allowed to wear in American schools – there have already been multiple cases of what kind of hair styles boys and girls in school are allowed to have – which all ended up backfiring    

And yes, women of America, many men still want to suppress you to this day – primarily white men
* There are still TOO MANY men who do not want to see women earning as much as or more than they earn and many of the men do NOT want you in positions of power
* This is where I fail in my comprehension – with the suppression of female equality, ESPECIALLY amongst white women – there are STILL so many white women who will gloss over this and continue to be suppressed and not want equality as other women do  

Religion – the vast majority of republican conservatives want there to be god everywhere and in everything we do. Even though science continues to disprove nearly everything brought up. For the first 20 years of my life, all religious talk was about how the world was only 6,000 years old. You do not hear that any more… People can believe whatever they wish to believe but they CANNOT CONTINUE TO FORCE RELIGION on those who do not believe… Nor force any non-religious individuals to heel to ANY religious ways of life…      

Women get the short end of the stick in America because they cannot just go enjoy sex the way many corrupt, philandering men do…  

Mostly white men want to regale supremely over all non-white men in America:
* the militias want their weapons to fend off future attacks by uprising blacks and browns and China (which is simply all crazy)
* SUNDOWN Towns want to continue to exist by ‘persuading’ non-whites to not stay in their towns overnight
* the KKK still wants to come back to power and then there are
* the neo-Nazis who also want to be the power brokers of America to save the pureness of the white lineage (hint – bad news for ya folks, many of you have mixed blood in your ‘pure lineage’)  

And because American Red states want to dictate what should be primary and final determinations for pregnancy and abortions.  The problem here is, the final decision regarding a pregnancy abortion is ultimately up to the woman – she is the SOLE arbiter of what should happen. It is HER decision to live with for the rest of her life – no one, not religious or atheist, not conservative or liberal should tell any woman what she should do. In the end, it is up to her, not the woman’s parents; not the husband or boyfriend – but the pregnant woman.

So, it will be pretty simple for women who are doomed in their home red state and cannot afford to do anything.

  1. Miscarriage – easiest answer and I really hate to say it but this may be the woman’s only option – but remember, too many precious women may die and have died over the decades because of getting rid of an unwanted fetus (a non-breathing, non-thinking, non-conscious entity)
  2. Have the baby, put it in a box and leave the box on the doorstep (not at any church or fire station) of your favorite Associate Judge of our “Supreme Court” – Judge Amy (not the t.v. star), Judge Kavanaugh, Judge Gorsuch or everyone’s beloved (not) Alito and not to forget Judge clarence. But, you need to take precautions (which I would do if I were a woman and had to be forced through this nightmare):
    • Use a box with no markings to indicate you
    • Wear surgical gloves when handling the box and the baby – leave no DNA and to hide your skin color
    • Put the baby in the box wrapped up in a blanket with a note for Auntie Amy, I mean Judge Amy
    • Wear two sets of clothing – one for bagginess to cover the set underneath and you must wear a Burka, damn, sorry – a hoody and keep it down
    • Have a spare pair of shoes to switch to after you drop off the box with the baby
    • Avoid as many cameras as possible
    • After doing the drop, find a safe, dark/deserted spot blocks away – outside of camera view – switch clothing and shoes and put them in a trash can, keep the gloves on and later dispose of them somewhere else
  3. These are things are what I would do, not saying you should do them – besides, doing the drop on these associate judges door steps should be a dear thing of god that these justices would want, right, leaving the babies with someone who would love them – it should be as legal as dropping the baby box at a fire station or church – correct….???

But this is what we face, red states – that want to dictate and force people to do things the person does not want to do. Yes, the pandemic forced people to get vaccinated because that affects EVERYONE around them, not just the person refusing to get the shot. I wish we had some kind of mechanism to track how many people died because the “hands off my body anti-vaxxer” refused to get vaccinated…?

  1. hundreds
  2. thousands
  3. 10’s of thousands…?

Because of refusing to get the vaccine, many anti-vaxxers / hands-off my body individuals caused others to get sick and die. Or they caused people who needed to be hospitalized for other issues – heart attack, liver transplant, cancer surgery – to not undergo surgery in a timely manner and then died.

The pandemic was a different animal – that affected everyone – forcing a woman to retain and undergo a pregnancy is an individual issue. A woman who is pregnant and wants an abortion does not cause anyone who is a living, breathing, thinking and conscious entity any kind of physical pain. It ‘might’ cause emotional distress but that is the price the religious pay for following a god.

What a pregnant woman decides in the end, that is her business and does not affect how anyone else’s life, that is – anyone breathing, thinking and conscious continues.

And remember, this “abortion ban” – this is only the prelude to more attempted restrictions or bans. Such as banning mixed race marriage, where others like my wife and I would “not” be able to get married in the future. The Loving’s work to get legally married would have become a terrible wasted effort…

A huge hurdle and effort, wasted – gone, because too many Americans chose not to stand up to Trumpist’s, Trumpism and narrow-minded bigots and white supremacy wannabes…

Taiwan – Continuous Allies’ Training – Year ‘Round

Simple solution to China continually invading Taiwan’s sovereign air space ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) – implement a continuous (365 days / year) allied training mission on Taiwan, home of FREE Taiwanese individuals.

Have a combined – continual training mission for:

  • Navy – landings and sorties
  • Army / Marines – landings and guerrilla warfare
  • Air Force – landings / takeoffs, mock strafing / bombing runs

Run these side-by-side training missions with the Taiwanese military/air force/navy with multiple Allies – taking turns on the island of FREE Taiwanese or in conjunction with multiple Allies at one time. Protect the Taiwanese ADIZ.

Make landing stages out of use of existing American bases of: South Korea, Japan, Hawaii & Okinawa and allied bases in Australia and even Vietnam

The only way China, the Authoritarian/Totalitarian, Communist (wannabe Capitalist) country will continue to back down from Taiwan – continually show “very” strong ties with Taiwan, home of those FREE Taiwanese citizens.

What with all the corruption going on in China, far more than in American – many of us are surprised the Chinese economy has not collapsed already. Military and Political leadership, stealing billions of RMB and exporting it out of country, to a safer haven and then later, emigrating from China with their family members to enjoy that largess they stole from the Chinese people.

China is supposed to be a shared prosperity country, yet – only the wealthiest Chinese (military, civilian, political) are able to partake of that “shared prosperity”. The rest (vast majority of Chinese) are basically left to their own ends and suffering through daily life. Chinese government, federal and province and local city – all end up stealing land, sorry, conducting eminent domain and taking the land for a better use for China. This means, selling the land to meet their annual budget or to line their own pockets – the government members. (No need to even consider my making this up – search for this information – focus on Ghost Cities and the taking of generational / village land.)

War Protestors in Russia – Senior Citizen Being Arrested

War Protestors in Russia – Senior Citizen

Bet the police, sorry, the Politsiya, had a fun time (not) removing / arresting a Russian senior citizen protesting the WAR in Ukraine…? Sorry, sorry, SORRY – I meant to say “Special Military Operation” – really hope I do not get in trouble for saying that crock of Special Military Operation garbage…. and that none of these disbelievers in truth show up in my neighborhood with Novichok…

Wonder if her message to the non-thinkers / non-believers (incl. law enforcement & military & politicians) got through to any of them…. Likely not, as Putin and others there have become Trump-like in everything they do now. Yes, Trump opened the door for many others around the world to become disbelievers of truth – denying logical and honest information that is right front of their eyes.

But, because Russia is controlled by their Russian Mafiya leader (allegedly it is Putin), the media is also State controlled – as a result, everything the average Russian sees is manipulated content. Yes, yes, I know I am preaching to the GLOBAL choir but maybe, just maybe – that elderly Russian woman’s message got through to start or continue to ramp up the courage to remove Putin from office (as well as his corrupt/loyal sycophants)….

        CBS Sunday Morning – Mar 13, 2022

CHINA’s POWER & CONTROL – Tiananmen Square, Uighurs, Taiwan, SCS

TL;DR / BLUF  (LinkedIn cleaner version)

Chinese government wants to control all of its citizens in everything they do; for everywhere they go; for anywhere they are. It does not matter what the average Chinese citizen wants, it is what the Chinese government wants. Control and power over everyone that they can get away with. And that even includes American citizens, of Chinese descent. At least Americans enjoy freedom of speech to say the “F U” phrase, even in a sentence aimed at the Chinese power grabbing Government”… Meanwhile, no mainland Chinese citizen who might want to expand their own personal, social, political knowledge will never see this post in mainland China due to the censoring Chinese firewall and the sycophants who work or volunteer to filter internet content.

NOTE: original post was blocked on LinkedIn because it was deemed BULLYING & Harassing (seriously, against the Chinese government… Had to remove the “F ” word and the word that rhymes with s p i-t). Additionally, there is no conspiracy content here, this is all factual content, a lot of it pulled from legitimate and transparent news / historical entities. And, there is nothing false here that would give cause to LinkedIn to believe there was Bullying & Harassment involved. Maybe folks like Rachel Maddow would weight in, or Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart or John Oliver and add their gold mine input… Original post here —> https://tinyurl.com/4mhvanh5

China, well, at minimum – the Chinese Government (Xi JinPing and others) wants to have complete control over EVERYTHING within 1,000 miles outside of its borders. Because that is what it appears they want to do – control as much as possible as far as possible with as tight a fist as possible. Ask India and the Nepalese about some of the ‘contact’ they’ve had with Chinese forces…

This really got my dander up, after seeing the latest news on Chinese officials arresting five people in Hong Kong for sedition, over children’s books. Here is just one article for your reference, please do your research and not rely solely on one article: Five arrested in Hong Kong for sedition over children’s book about sheep. While it is a series of children’s book, it talks about: “sheep trying to hold back wolves from their village”, the Chinese government found it enough to arrest these union members for sedition. (Reminds one of Russia in the good ole days, where the “dejournaya”, a Key person, or floor door watcher, normally an elderly woman who had the keys to the rooms on their floor, would report on non-comporting Communist loyalty and behavior or non-Russians in Russia.)

This Hong Kong arrest was a couple of days ago. The Chinese are still arresting people for writing non-good things about China and its leaders… such as China installing Chinese Communist leaders loyal to China to control Hong Kong (and Taiwan) citizens and quash any kind of democratic leanings and ONLY be good little Chinese and blindly follow everything coming out of Beijing’s communistic mouth (I wonder at times if that communistic mouth has turned rotten over the decades and become depraved as well).

Okay, if that is not enough to show you how totalitarian and/or dictatorially hungry the Chinese leadership is, what about several years ago when the Chinese came to New Jersey to “persuade” a Chinese American to come back to China, leaving a note in handwritten Mandarin Chinese on the guys’ door stating “if he is willing to go back to the mainland and spend 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be all right. That’s the end of this matter!”. In the instance of another target to bring back to China, these Chinese ‘officials’ brought this other ‘target’s’ elderly father as a persuasion tool. Chinese prosecutor indicted in U.S. case targeting extralegal ‘Fox Hunt’ operation — again, one reference to get you started on your own research.  Nine individuals (includes one American private investigator) were indicted this week for trying to “repatriate dissidents whom Chinese government officials wanted to lure back and punish”. The thing is, China does not give a crap at all about where the person they want is at, they will do what amounts to broad daylight kidnapping. Not being hypocritical about this, most governments do daylight grab jobs, but, heck, let me put more of the Post story here:

“carried out an illegal and clandestine campaign to harass and threaten targeted U.S. residents in order to force them to return to [China].”

Some of the targeted individuals might have violated financial laws and were legitimate targets of law enforcement investigations, officials have said. But many others were political rivals, dissidents or critics of the Chinese government. Rather than use established legal systems such as Interpol or request assistance from U.S. law enforcement, U.S. officials have said, the Chinese agents tried to intimidate people into returning to China.”

And of course, you remember Tiananmen Square right?  RIGHT?  The protests in Tiananmen Square, lasting from April 15 – Jun 4 1989, when a brave Chinese citizen stood up to the tank to make it stop while he was holding two bags of groceries – making the tank attempt to dance around the guy, who just kept getting in front of the tank.

This was actually called the “Tiananmen Square Massacre”, when the Chinese government wanted to do a bit of power control against its citizens who wanted to protest.  But the Chinese government wanted it to stop, at any cost – including killing protestors. Check out this one site: Chinese crackdown on protests leads to Tiananmen Square Massacre – remember, do your own research to satisfy your brain and then THINK about it, do your own analysis. A million protestors and the Chinese government killed thousands, indiscriminately shooting at people.

That is a helluva government – one that Donald Trump likes and admires.

You may be asking, “what were the protests about?” Here, let me put that snippet here for you as well: “protest for greater democracy and call for the resignations of Chinese Communist Party leaders deemed too repressive.”

See, the thing is, Chinese citizens cannot vote someone out, the individual in question would have to voluntarily resign. And you would think that with a million people coming out in protests that that would be a cause for resignations.  No, not in power controlling China.

And ever since 1989, China continues to white wash ANYTHING and EVERYTHING having to do with Tiananmen Square. They are attempting to delete/remove ALL content that they can from history books and web sites. BAD NEWS for Chinese leaders, there are many of us who will always remember the right of citizens to protest along with the killing and arresting of citizens by China’s government and military. We will remember this massacre forever and there are web sites that will memorialize it forever as well…

Do not get me going on Taiwan and the Chinese crackdown of forcing the Taiwanese to kowtow to everything Chinese and NOTHING Taiwanese.  It is all Communist (spit) China or you are locked up or better yet (so the Chinese leadership is thinking) – you are ‘disappeared’…

Then look at the South China Sea (SCS) where China wants complete control of that maritime area, even though other countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.) in the region have claims to the SCS as well and the United Nations agrees with those nations. China claims it has historical rights to the SCS as being under its Chinese sphere of control.

So. What does China do to help bolster their claim?  Why they built a man-made island and put a military installation on it – obvious solution right….???? And with that anchor point, it allows China to expand its Navy with a broader reach, expansion of China’s hegemony.

And do not forget about the Uighurs (Uyghurs). The Muslims of China.  Chinese government does not want them to exist – at all. If you are a Uyghur, hide, or you will be taken to a concentration camp or an “internment camp”, sorry, a “rehabilitation center” or a “re-education center” in Xinjiang. There are somewhere in the 1 – 3 million Uighurs in these camps/centers, likely many more.

Although, you have no choice of which one but there have been MULTIPLE camps built (the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region) for this purpose, along with that fantastic razor wire at the top of those great, tall walls, with the Wall Tower Guards accessory built-in to watch over you so you do not sleep walk into the wrong area by mistake…  A camp where you will be forced to cut your hair and shave your beard. Damn. Sorry, I meant, you will be allowed to cut your hair and shave with the result being – if you choose not to, to have someone else do it for you.

You will be forced, sorry, allowed to speak Mandarin Chinese and not your own native tongue and not your predominantly Turkic language.

You have the choice of clothing, as long as it is one of the camp’s uniforms (think prison garb). Here, you do not get to practice archery or horse shoes or boating, no…  But you do get to become a factory worker to produce products (think sweat shop) for various Chinese companies throughout China.

At these camps, you must learn Mandarin, learn to become good CHINESE NON-Muslim citizens.  You must learn to kowtow to the Chinese government and obey it no matter what they dictate.  Think of it as a Marine Boot Camp but with FAR, FAR fewer choices… oh, and for a much longer re-education period of time.

In Xinjiang, the Chinese government-controlled areas, Uighurs must endure every single day of being observed by facial recognition cameras – on every street block, at every intersection and who knows where else. Uighurs must endure Chinese police checkpoints on every block (that is how many there are). But don’t be alarmed Uighurs, the Chinese police exists all throughout China, even in Beijing and Shenzhen and other cities, there are facial recognition cameras abounding in all their glory. China in totality is simply put, a Police State or a Surveillance State if they want something less incriminating…

Here is what the governor of Xinjian said in March 2019 in defense of these camps: directly dismissed comparisons to concentration camps, saying they were “the same as boarding schools.”

Then there is more that many global citizens are not aware of:

 China has made criminal many aspects of religious practice and culture in Xinjiang, including punishment for teaching Muslim texts to children and bans on parents giving their children Uighur names

Many women have come forward, after being finally released from these camps and stated (those brave enough to do so) that they were raped in these camps but the camp officials did not do anything about the crime.

Want one more thing on the Chinese government’s actions against Uighurs, the Chinese is committing genocide (sterilization) against the Uighurs. This is a tough one to prove but if there are multiple women stating this, it is likely a true situation. China wants to curtail the growth of any future Uighur population.

And for all you newly “re-educated” Uighurs, you have lots to look forward to in your new world of Chinese control and dictatorship but. But you cannot look forward to returning home, to your old stomping grounds. Why? Did you not know?

I am so sorry to inform you that when you do finally leave those wonderful “boarding schools” with all those fantastic learning opportunities and outdoor activities – the Chinese government decided it was best to force evacuate ALL Uighur towns and raze them to the ground, wiping out centuries of Uighur history and culture. Then clearing the grounds and rebuilding new structures so the Chinese Han bloodline can flourish.

None of this is new, this has been perpetuated for many years, go back to 2009 with the Chinese government incentivizing the Han Chinese to migrate to the XinJiang or 2017 when the camps were started being built to house the detained Uighurs.

Another source of info: China’s Repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

So, China – CONTROL. POWER. TOTALITARIAN. DICTATORIAL??? A lot of horse manure – they want to be a power house in the world of capitalism but it has to be Communistic Capitalism, imagine that.

Think about it – in China, you cannot:

  • spit on public grounds for fear of being fined and public credit shaming
    • and if you do obtain too many public shaming points, you CAN be banned from flying or leaving the country for any reason…
  • Jaywalk for the same fears above,
  • Have the number of children you want
  • Bad-mouth Chinese leaders
  • Enjoy western practices and habits and styles and language because they MUST follow Chinese culture and styles – not do profanity (watch some Chinese movies like the MEG and see if you see any nudity or hear any profanity – many, MANY Chinese made movies must follow explicit Chinese dictates to make movies)

You HAVE to be puritanical in the Chinese government’s eyes – no nudity in movies, no profanity on t.v. or in the movies – imagine, all lily white Church level cleanness.  But I guarantee you that these same leaders do ‘NOT‘ practice both aspects in their offices and in their jobs.  It is the same old “do as I say and not as I do” horse manure…

There is so much more to discuss where it concerns China and its CONTROLLING government but this should be enough to whet your appetite for some, at least for now.

Is China the kind of country you want to live, one where you cannot enjoy liberties without fear of crossing some Chinese government red line…?

Is China deserving of being a power house on the world stage when it discriminates against some of its own citizens (Uighurs) and has a lock down on any true Progressive Democracy. For example the citizens of China cannot freely:

  • roam the Internet from within the Chinese borders to see what is happening in the real world (unless they travel abroad) because of their great Chinese Firewall that filters, censors and blocks ANYTHING not pro-chinese or anything bad about its leaders like Honey Bear Xi Jinping (or is that Honey Poo…?)
  • vote for the leadership they choose but must instead follow the pre-elected leadership that comes out of the Communist Chinese Party Politburo
  • have their own choice, within limits of course,
    • can you imagine a Chinese citizen saying “F U” to police or government – in print or vocally….?
    • remember, I could not use the full descriptor on LinkedIn, even if it is protected speech…

Does ANY of you out there, living outside of China’s borders, who read this want China to be a global power house or gain further hemi-spheric control of any other country or water way?  It is bad enough they are part of the UN with veto power (just like Russia) and China vetoes ANYTHING that might jeopardize any road blocks or future growth regarding China’s path forward.

And yes, we (America) already have plenty of headaches of our own to try to get our heads around and improve (racial discrimination, gender inequality, political division, chaos & insecurity [conspiracy minded individuals’ – thanks even more to Trump], better infrastructure, better education – across all grade levels and in ALL communities, poverty, etc…) – but at least we recognize them and continue to work on them and not lock up (or kill) people who protest for honesty and transparent democracy or try to extort them into arrest….

CLEAN WATER Desalination Plants – NOW! Infrastructure…


Desalination plants, to produce clean water from ocean/sea salt water. Build multiple desalination plants along the West and Southern coasts of America and pipe that water across all the western states…  

It is far past that time of having a GOOD infrastructure bill.

We need a LARGE new infrastructure bill, not a small, tiny one. A tiny one where, we would have to do another infrastructure bill in 3 – 4 years, then another one in another 3 – 4 years. Ad nauseum….

We need a large infrastructure bill now, RIGHT NOW, in order to deal with so many issues in this country we call America (not United States – due to so many individuals now spewing conspiracies, causing strife and tearing us apart).

We have to take care of roads and bridges to facilitate the movement of all the people who drive to/from work and not using mass transit. We need to consider all the workers who drive for a living and need better roads and bridges to make their jobs easier to navigate.

We need roads and bridges fixed, many, many roads and bridges. And that is a tall order, in getting all the OLD, FRAGILE, BUSTED, DILAPIDATED bridges repaired / replaced. If a bridge fails, such as the one between Memphis, TN and Arkansas (called the Memphis–Arkansas Bridge or the Hernando de Soto Bridge) – think about it – EVERYONE has to detour 30 minutes to 2 hours out of their way to get around this failure point. EVERYDAY!


Until the bridge in question is repaired. But, we (America) cannot repair or replace bridges fast enough because we have TOO MANY individuals in political power in multiple states who CRY EVERY DAY stating that we do not need large infrastructure packages to make this country better.

As a result, we have failing bridges. And these failing or failed bridges are causing detours for folks going to work and for folks who make their living driving every day on our crumbling (or rather, crumbled) infrastructure, putting their lives on the line and hoping the bridge continues to hold up while they cross it. Or that the roads are in drivable conditions so they do not end up hitting a significant pot hole that was not filled in (expertly) and break an axle, causing a massive 50 – 75 (or more if a gas hauler or toxic chemical truck are in the mix) vehicle chain-reaction collision with multiple loss of life.

None of this is new. So, why is it so hard to understand that we need a massive influx of capital to fix our roads and bridges? And we need to repair/shore up all the poorly constructed levees (those mostly made up of dirt) and all the out-of-date dams around the country.

When Eisenhower got a decent freeway system in place, it was good – now look at the state we are in. Everyone is bickering and pointing fingers at others. We need more collaboration (Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema).

We have to STOP being blue “this” and red “that” – WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER and SEE what is going on and get beyond this nonsense of:

  • “Well, we don’t really need a large bill because we have the power to put a stick in the mud to hold everyone up.” Or,
  • “We need to have bipartisanship” which WE CANNOT HAVE if one side is completely defiant and childish about:
    • losing power,
    • giving up ground,
    • admitting they are incorrect in their thought process or
    • pick anything else you want to plug in.

It is childish and asinine in being at this point today of NOT having a very good infrastructure bill. Yes, we will have to figure out a way to pay for it but many of us would pay a tax increase instead of seeing the rich getting a TAX CUT (re: 2017) to pay for better infrastructures (road, bridges, levees, dams and this newer ‘human’ component) across the country.

Which brings us to this point, our global climate crisis.

We have an extreme climate change problem facing us, not just in America but around the world. The western half of America is in a state of DROUGHT! We need to try – NO, NOT TRY but to rectify that with a man-made solution (apologies to all the feminists out there). And that solution is:


There is no way around it or an easy fix to getting clean drinking water into the heavily hit drought-stricken states. We need a massive, emergency level TVA (Tenn. Valley Authority) fix, to clean up the salty sea water and convert it to cleaner usable (potable) water.

We need the:

  • Corps of Engineers
  • Think tanks
  • Innovators &
  • A.I. level computing power

to join forces to help with this water crisis. We can put billionaires into space, so why can we not solve this problem.

We need some kind of combination of technologies and efforts to make a fast (think in terms of months and not years) alternative to not having water at all.

We need joint efforts to build massive desalination plants up and down the west and southern coasts and then pipe it across all the western states.

We need desalination plants that:

  • are non-fossil fuel powered (wind turbines, underwater turbines).
  • can convert salt water to clean water for drinking and farming in an efficient inexpensive manner.
  • can convert salt water to clean water in the “FASTEST” way possible, at a mega-tonnage level or even giga-tonnage per day.
  • are sustainable and green – green as possible with hopefully ZERO carbon footprint.

There has to be a way and yes, there are some desalination plants out there today but they are small and expensive. And we do not want to even think about the quantity of fossil fuel being used every day.

We cannot sit around, bickering about this, water does not grow on trees. And desalination is one of the ways to get water on a massive scale into all the western states in this critical time of need. We are not likely to see snow in the quantities we desire in the next several years, not the way our climate is changing.

We need to implement a human fix to help solve this human problem.

Any Americans Out There for Democracy? Yes? Then WAKE UP & VOTE…!


VOTE!  Get out and VOTE!  This is the only way to make changes in America. Voting for those who care for all will eventually remove all of the repressive and backwards-thinking individuals from power. These individuals are the ones causing all the drama we face today. We spend so much time and money on trying to do the right thing but, because of these power-hungry individuals, we are not progressing as we should as a country… and as people…

Here we are in 2021, where we have so many individuals in America in power but are acting like young, spoiled children.

  • I’m taking my ball and I’m going home, so there!

Tell the rest of us that this is not the case. Go ahead, I definitely dare you to open yourself up to honesty – that is, if you have any honor and integrity remaining in ANY part of your being… We have GOT to move past being Republican, Independent or Democrat and THINK about Democracy for all. Democracy for all to grow, prosper and succeed, not just certain sectors of this country.

Throughout the country, we have individuals who are in power, no matter how they arrived there, and want to retain that power – “no matter what it takes or what it costs” the rest of America and its citizens.

So, why is that? Are these individuals afraid that if they lose that power, they:

  • Cannot make an honest living doing something else?
  • Do not know how to do something else meaningful to them (or others)?
  • Are just flat out scared that they will fail doing something else….?

What is happening to so many of these Americans? And it seems to be primarily Republicans / Conservatives (yes, I said it, Republicans) who are hell bent on stamping out ANY chances whatsoever for America’s growth in future elections. These individuals appear to want to suppress any paths of progress for people of color. That seems to be the elemental effort of all the individuals in power in Red states – to put in place severely restrictive voting processes that “might” curtail voters from casting votes for others who are more progressive. Others who are more progressive and want to see this country grow and see that more Americans have an actual chance to succeed in life.

I really hate to say it but this current atmosphere just keeps taking me back to what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You know, in 1931, where a young white female teenager screamed in the elevator because of the young black teenage male who was in the elevator.  We still, to this day, do not know what actually occurred. And then, the whites of Tulsa wanted justice, not the legal kind but the restrictive, repressive (DEADLY) justice of past decades (and centuries) where the whites took control and hung (lynched) or dragged a black to their death or tarred and feathered black(s) before killing them. I decline to include the ghastlier things that were done to these unfortunate souls.

And these whites thought (and believed) that what they did was righteous and fair justice. Stop the blacks from doing anything, let alone be successful as they were in Tulsa, using their power for their justice.

Remember the horrific pictures of crowds of whites, gathered around hanging (lynched) DEAD blacks, pointing and looking up at the dead or looking back at the camera man AND SMILING AND LAUGHING at the grotesque sight. Do any of you remember those images of justice? Does it bring a tear to your eye to even think this was possible in our American heritage – it should and we can also talk about the Native Americans and what happened to them as well? IT DAMN WELL SHOULD – that is, if you have an ounce of morality in you and you truly know right from wrong…

The problem is, it was not just Tulsa, IT-IS-STILL-HAPPENING-TODAY…!!!!  Where we have large pockets of whites, who happen to be republicans, that want to control what goes in the various cities and counties and states in America.

These individuals who happen to be in power want to continue to rig the game so that ONLY they will continue to remain in power and reign over all the inferior and insignificant lower classes of people.  Yeah, you got, those of color.

  • Poll taxes ring a bell to anyone? 
  • Okay then, how about counting jelly beans in a jar? 
  • Dang, what about the literacy tests….?

It is like these individuals in power in mostly Red states want to get us back to those days… We just have too much ongoing racism, covert racism, subconscious racism and implicit racism.  Then on top of all that, we have groups of militia, sovereign citizens and even current and former military (as a former Marine, I am completely heartbroken to keep hearing this) who buy into this atmosphere of conspiracy and illogical patriotism and again, likely racism in these groups too.

So, the point of this minor diatribe of mine is to attempt to get more, MANY MORE Americans WAKE THE HELL UP.

MORE Americans have to WAKE UP and get out and vote!  YOU HAVE TO VOTE for individuals who are more progressive. VOTE for individuals who are open minded and want to see all Americans grow and prosper.

And to do this, to have a successful future – all open-minded Americans HAVE GOT TO VOTE. And we have to do so starting with ALL the 50 state legislatures (leaving D.C. out because it is on that path already). MORE Americans HAVE GOT TO VOTE out the conservative and backwards thinking individuals in mostly Red states, so we can all prosper and grow going forward.

We spend FAR too much time repeatedly fighting amongst ourselves over Red and Blue topics instead of subjects and areas that will benefit ALL OF US.

If you are young and are of voting age – YOU HAVE TO VOTE and not make an attempt because you believe it is not important to you. IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU! It impacts your future. If you continue to sit on the sidelines and let these repressive and suppressive minded individuals stay in power – they will put in places that become like bedrock foundations that you may NEVER be able to overcome or overturn.

If you are an adult and you feel left out and as a result you sit on the sidelines – STOP DOING THAT!!!!  You have to get out and VOTE as well. To have a democracy that is inclusive and brings everyone into the fold – YOU HAVE TO GET OUT AND VOTE as well. This is the only path. If you allow these backwards thinking individuals who are in power and who want to stay in power by focusing only on themselves and their families – you MUST get out and vote as well. Otherwise, this country will continue to flounder and stay behind the curve ball while other countries continue to move ahead of us in education and societal norms. You MUST get out and vote to help change the directionality of this country. Otherwise, we will continue to limp along with:

  • Bridges with potholes where you can see down to the river or street below the bridge
  • Levees and damns that are FAR past their prime but no one is upgrading them, meanwhile – these things burst apart and flood the surrounding county area
  • Broadband that flat out sucks for many in the rural areas of America and definitely is pathetic in low-income areas, just because they are low-income areas and too many individuals in power do not believe these folks who live there are worth it
  • Schools that are sub-par, horrendously sub-par – c’mon, MOLD! Lead pipes and non-functioning plumbing and HVAC systems that are not nearly adequate enough to be used
  • Medical facilities that need overhauling and renovating – not the facilities that have an iron grip on the country and charging exorbitant costs – I mean the ones in most communities that are barely hanging on in supporting the residents of those communities
  • Etc.,
  • Etc.,

AMERICANS!  You simply must get out to vote or you will continue to see this country fall apart. We have to vote in individuals who care for all and not those individuals who only care for some subset of American areas of the country as in the mid-west or some suburban parts of the country.

As noted above, we have to start replacing state legislatures across the country with forward thinkers, those who are thinking 5, 10 and 20 years down the road.

Putting in place smaller budgets or stop gap measures to do minor patch work fixes or tweaks is not good enough. We need to do more and we can do more.

Besides getting rid of these backwards thinking individuals in state legislatures, we have to vote OUT more of these governors – ones that many of us still cannot believe they won the election their elections.

  • With Kemp of Georgia, we know how he won – he was the Georgia secretary of state and he refused to recuse himself from that role and was able to influence the voting process.
  • DeSantis of Florida, well, he won because he had a large following of individuals who want to retain a status quo and not become more progressive.
  • Abbott of Texas, completely unclear how he really won, unless it was along the same lines as DeSantis. But Abbott, he is dangerous. He had all information on toxic chemical locations removed from all state websites. This information was helpful to many in deciding where they wanted to live, or where to send their children to school or where to locate their elderly in nursing homes – without this information, well….  And for Abbot to say that people can ask the fire department or other agencies, that is a non-starter because they mostly will not give out that information.  How would you feel if you discovered a toxic chemical storage facility was located 200-300 yards from your child’s school (and think about the blast radius of an ammonia holding facility should it go up in flames)?

We all have to vote to overcome and get rid of things like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) efforts. This entity is the one that really spring-boarded many, many republican legislative actions over the years since its founding in 1973 and grew to prominence under Newt Gingrich.

Basically – ALL forward-thinking individuals, those with an open-mind, those with the foresight to see that we MUST unify as a country to grow again. Not grow as in divisive groups within America but as ONE WHOLE entity – all Americans. All of us need to vote. And you have to use your brain to do so. If we want to continue to be the leader of the free world, of developed countries – we all must participate and vote!

Research who you vote for – as in, is the person going to help everyone or just selective segments of society. Think about who you vote for. STOP listening to conspiracy groups and individuals, this only leads you down the path of despair and danger because you start endangering yourselves and others by buying into these non-sensical and illogical plots that only belong in movies.

You HAVE TO USE YOUR OWN BRAIN!!! Read and talk to and with others who have “rational” thoughts, not siloed bubbles of fellow conspirators. Educate yourselves.

Those of you want to vote for the likes of a Trump, Marjorie Greene or Matt Gaetz or Louie Gohmert or Jim Jordan – you are going down the rabbit hole of failure because the thought processes of these leaders do not appear logical and can be non-constructive.

You absolutely MUST use your own brain and your education to vote for individuals who WILL move the country forward, not give it an exercise of lip action only (while lining their own pockets with money from greed, while at the same time – lying to you). Please, those Americans with the tendency to stay in these filter bubbles (as author Eli Pariser) talked about – get out of your comfort zone and expand your mind. Grow with other Americans. You can only grow if you learn more. Talk to more people who are “not” like you.

As it is, we still have far too much many people in America who to return to the America of the 30s, 40s and 50s, where a, ahhh, certain race of people had the power.

Please – all Americans who want to see America grow – get out and vote.  

And, it is not just some of the Republicans, we have to remove individuals like Joe Manchin of W. Virginia who is playing at some kind of game that only he knows in preventing or slowing down growth.

Vote, not just in the Presidential elections but in ALL of the elections that crop up in your community. This is how we as a country will grow, starting with local elections, county elections and state elections – your vote matters. Vote for those men and women who see the future as prosperous for all. Vote for those people of color who are completely inclusive of everyone around. Stop thinking about age, religion, handicaps, race and gender as the sole criteria of who you would vote for.

That old or young; Jewish or Atheist; good looking or not so good-looking person standing next to you – might just be the future President of this country. You never know, you must put your personal biases aside and vote for those who want to do public service work.