OIL – Fossil Fuel Stupidity!! Florida, Kansas, Arizona, GOP & ALEC

I simply cannot comprehend why anyone in their right mind would WILLINGLY want to move backwards in order to continue using fossil fuel rather than moving forward, full steam ahead in using renewable energy AND finding more innovative, creative ways of doing so.

Yet, we have Kansas, Arizona and Florida seemingly and explicitly moving in that direction. Why are these states so hell bent on moving people BACK to fossil fuels, which is what many, many of us want to move away from??? These states now seem focused on penalizing people for using renewal energy!!!

Last week, from a segment of the Monday night, Dec 1st Rachel Maddow Show that I recorded, I saw her segment where she was highlighting these, ahhh, seemingly mindless and stupid moves backwards.

I had to do my own research, as I suggest everyone should be doing, to see if these were true stories. They are!!!!

Why are they going backwards, such as Arizona imposing fees on those home owners getting their energy needs from their solar panels rather than from the power companies…???


Who is behind this, ALEC and their powerful political/rich backers? For those unaware of ALEC, that group is the stealth-lobbying outfit called the “American Legislative Exchange Council.”

Please do your own research on ALEC; there are MANY stories on how they are reaching into many areas of the country to implement their ideas of how laws and regulations should be construed.


Actually, I can comprehend it and it has to do with some dominant industries wanting to retain their hold on old technology that is can be expensive to pull up from the ground AND is definitely harmful on our air quality as well as the health of all living creatures. Along with all the many lobbyists in Washington, DC willing to go to bat for these firms, at a premium salary of course. AND, I am willing to bet that there are many, many back door deals (if not outright bribes and kickbacks taking place behind closed doors) going on in our nations’ capital and across the country and globe….


Yes, the notion of pulling up, processing and distributing fossil fuels may be less expensive than going full tilt into renewables.

BUT! That fossil fuel effort does not include the horrific and debilitating medical/health problems/costs that many people have to deal with, now does it???

Fracking is not quite as harmless as so many lobbyists, industry leaders and other pundits make it out to be. The rise of earthquakes in areas where fracking takes place has been exponential, going from handfuls of earthquakes/tremors over 20 – 30 years to hundreds in under four years (this is in Texas of all places).

The release of methane gas into the air is not being watched as meticulously as is purported.

The release of toxic waste into the groundwater table or surrounding rivers and tributaries is also not being monitored as well as it should be either…


Sooo…. we will need to come together at some point as a people and vociferously yearn for moving into renewable energy in order to protect the health of the following generations, as well as our own.

And yes, the initial costs of moving full bore into renewables “is” going to be expensive but that cost will come down over time, making all of our lives much better. It might take 10 years to get there and yep, I am somewhat optimistic about a move into renewables – WE HAVE TO BE OPTIMISTIC about it.

And most of all, we-have-to-stop-ALEC from continually poking into areas and making laws and regulations, I am sorry, I meant making “suggestions” about how various industries and political actions should be condoned.


Sense & Sensibilities…? Shame!

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Sense and Sensibilities Today was the day I had lined up to write about malware but with this current shutdown situation going on, I had to write about that instead – especially in light of the fact that it also affects me too.

I will not be calling out names, it is not my nature. I will not be calling out specific parties. Anyone who objectively watches, listens and reads more than one narrowly focused news outlet (TV, radio, websites & newsprint) will know what is going on. I say ‘objectively’ because too many people are not being objective about this shutdown and using emotion and religion instead. In light of this shutdown, what I really want to do is rant and use profanity so profuse that it will make the hand on the back of your hands burn off but that is not me.

Look, if you are not using your head and thinking through the daily and weekly political machinations for yourself but instead relying on one talk show personality, or radio personality or one politician who ‘may’ be distorting the truth – Shame on you. Go out and work your brain cells and verify some of that content for yourself – use that brain that nature gave you.

Gerrymandering / Re-districting We have to put a stop to gerrymandering; it just goes on getting worse and worse over time. Both political parties have got to stop that madness. I happened to be listening to the Rachel Maddow show one night this week and they were discussing the possibilities of having a professional non-partisan group work on the re-districting process, removing the bias that grows more and more over time. I like that idea, would it work? Could people in this country get behind this idea so we can have representation of all the people in that district rather than some of them?

To those people in certain congressional districts around the country, you need to think about more than yourself. You are likely in a district full of citizens that are overwhelmingly just like you but lacking any real diversity. There are many, many other people out there around the country from many different walks of life. These other people may not be like you in: == Race (we had an Indian-American woman win Miss America, so what, be happy for her), == Education (not everyone can go to college due to other issues in their lives, like caring for a seriously sick family member), == Affluence (not everyone is born into a family that had a head start in life decades ago (I’m not talking about rich)), == Political persuasion, == Religious or no religious beliefs (religion should not be playing any part in government) or even == Health (people who do not grow up in well to do families, have health problems that are not taken care of years ago) Because some people may hold a very narrow view on life, those people cannot and should not inflict that narrow view on others and try to force others to be like them. You simply cannot do that, life is not supposed to work that way – you cannot suppress and deny others as it was done centuries ago (think ‘Christian Crusades’) or even as recent as the 20th century (think ‘women’s rights,’ slavery (Chinese and Blacks). You have to consider others as well as yourself in how we live in today’s society and move forward in the 21st century. Other people may not have had the chance to obtain better education in order to get that better job and earn a better living. And when monies are taken away from some school district to finance another ‘better’ school district, you are in effect suppressing those others.

Politics So, when people in the various pockets of America think and act narrowly on things in life and transplant that to politics, those people vote for someone who also thinks narrowly. This starts moving to extremes over time, we see that today. People should be thinking long term in how we can make the country better for all American citizens, not just in those close-minded pockets of the United States. We can do better than that.

We should be looking at mechanisms that can help all of us in the long run, even if it does mean spending more money first. For example, take this Affordable Care Act (Obamacare or Kynect or Covered California or whatever it is called in your state) – this will start reducing costs immediately for reduced emergency room visits that many without insurance use for their standard health care. That is, due to not having insurance, they let medical problems become worse until they can no longer stand it and need some kind of treatment. In the meantime, in some form or fashion, the rest of us pay for those emergency room visits…

Politicians & Talking heads We seem to have quite a few politicians and talking heads who are saying that this shutdown is a good thing. Do not take my word for it; watch the repeated videos and news clippings yourself. These individuals, in talking about the shutdown are saying some of the following: == It is only a minor inconvenience == This is only a pin prick == People will see how much government we can get along without == Etc. Now, if you are paying attention to what is going on around the country, you, yourself, will know this is not a pin prick or minor inconvenience. Our embassies and consulates overseas will have to function sub-optimally if their current funds run out. Medical research is now drastically reduced. I know someone who is supposed to get married on the National Capital Mall this weekend but will now not be able to because of the shutdown. Etc., Etc., Etc. And if those people who are affected by the shutdown cannot receive pay checks due to their furlough, then the ripple effect starts and it will affect many more people around the country. These people caught up in that ripple effect will likely be someone you know – “IF” not you specifically.

To those politicians who are obstinate, close-minded and chose to force situations on people – SHAME on you.

Conclusion We can absolutely do better than what is going on with this shutdown. We are supposed to be world leaders but it seems like we are harking back to Newt Gingrich when he was supposedly snubbed by the President at the time and as a result, Gingrich (as Speaker of the House) shutdown the government in 1995. Take a look at the Daily News front page from back then of the image portraying Gingrich in a caricature of him wearing a diaper throwing a tantrum. (Jan 2012 article link with that caricature: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/pageviews/2012/01/newt-gingrich-crybaby-the-famous-daily-news-cover-explained) We need people in politics who will listen to their constituents, the well-meaning, level-headed constituents in their districts and bring those thoughts and ideas to congress. We need people in politics who are above board and honest in the message they bring back to their districts and informing their constituents of what is reality. These politicians must convey the message that their constituents cannot have everything only the way they want it.

There has to be compromise. We cannot force things on people, things like forcing: == A woman to undergo a trans-vaginal probe or == People who have voted for 50-60 years or more to get voter i.d.s to prove their identity == People to only marry the opposite sex (or become a freak show for marrying a same-sex partner)

We can do better than that. We have to. Didn’t we get women the right to vote (the hard way)? Didn’t we get blacks the right to vote (painfully)? Didn’t mixed race marriage come to pass? Didn’t we end segregation (well, this is still a work in progress due to the large number of bigots in the country)?Come on folks; let’s not allow the extreme people of the country hijack the rest of us. We should have compromise, level-headedness and better reasoning in politics. For that matter, we should have it around the globe. No one can have whatever they want, whenever they want it (that goes for the rich or the politically powerful as well).