SHOUT OUT to Nurses, Aides, Doctors, Hospital Staff, EMS Crews & Interns – CoVid-19!!!

Nurses, Aides, Doctors, Hospital Staff, EMS Crews & Interns – you all deserve a hearty, strong, overwhelmingly loud SHOUT OUT in the face of our current situation – CoVid-19. And not to forget – law enforcement and firefighters as well.

With our current political situation and current political leaders who are supposed to be thinking of the country and its citizens – you all have a Herculean task in your hands now and in the coming months to years (possibly, but let’s keep our fingers crossed).

You are a key cornerstone of our society. You are working aboveboard and beyond the pale. You are working in conditions that should not exist. You are working with insufficient and outdated equipment. You are working while using outdated disease threat plans and procedures – working without an infrastructure that was in place in 2016 but has since been demolished. There are only scant remnants left behind to help you, now, you have to scramble and scurry to try to re-establish it.

Yet – you are still working hard to help patients.  If I had my hands on $500 worth of masks (surgical or N95) – I would bring them to the nearest hospital in a heart beat and give that staff the entire load.

Let the light of faith (for the religious believers) and the strength of your heart, soul, body and medical ethics keep you strong to outlive any possibility of you getting infected yourselves while you work with us.

Let this be an opportunity for everyone to finally come together, disregarding whatever comes out of the White House and focus on the science, positives and actual facts of what CoVid-19 has already done and will do over the months. We have to come together as one and ignore the political party nature of finger pointing. Forget about being republican or democrat or independent. WE-HAVE-TO-UNITE-NOW! This is not a time to be racist and finger point because that is useless and a waste of time – it just happened to start in China.

  • Take a good hard look at the 1918 Influenza Pandemic and the American President at that time. Just as the current president is doing today, Wilson also did and lied to the country in trying to hide it to downplay the risks and fears. As a result, over 600,000 Americans died because of Wilson who could have prevented some of those needless deaths by acting sooner, in a more responsible manner.  NOTE: Pay attention – we still do not know the origins of that pandemic (Spanish flu). So do not continue blaming the Spaniards for it. At that time, even the Spanish were blaming it on the French and calling it the French flu

We need to focus on solving this problem of ramping up the production of and dissemination of medical supplies for and to all health care facilities in the country. We have to figure out a vaccine (sorry anti-vaxxers, no matter what you believe, all Americans need to either ignore or educate you and not waste our time on conspiracies). We have to move forward in figuring out ways to do BETTER and FASTER mass dissemination of supplies and knowledge to EVERY-SINGLE-CORNER of America and HELP EVERYONE!

We are supposed to be world leaders, leading in multiple categories – yet, we are embarrassingly lagging and as a result – ending up far, far behind most other western/developed countries in the prevention of this spread of coronavirus and ultimately finding resolution that helps everyone rather than losing more people.

Trump – It’s About Leadership and Leading

NOTE: Arrrggghhhh….. I just HAD to break away from my impartiality and write about leadership again, for this election cycle.  This post is about leadership, equality, fairness and progress, not to promote one specific individual over another. You must choose who you believe is the better leader for this country, to speak for you nationally and in the halls of other countries around the world. Do your own research, reach out to multiple different sources and do our own thinking. Do not let one news channel (TV, cable, paper, radio station) be your sole point of view or perspective. Broaden your horizon, then discuss and debate with others. Do not get locked into your own filter bubble (see Eli Pariser’s 2011 book on THE FILTER BUBBLE) because being in your own filter bubble will trap you and adversely affect your state of mind, on everything. Folks, please do your own deep, selfless and honest thinking.

Leadership! Yes, leadership. It is not something one can easily gain. Leadership is something one earns and this is basically what is at stake today – who deserves to be the leader of this nation… Successful leadership is one where people will want to emulate you as a successful role model.

First, yes, Hillary Clinton did create her own mess with her email situation. But do remember, other individuals before her at State Dept. also had their own private email servers. For this, if she is not going to be criminally punished as others of us would have (and others in the public eye should have), then she should be financially penalized. Then, we can move on.

Yes, she also may have previously had something going on with the foundation in question. If it is true, let the Justice Dept deal with it. Stop making allegations if they are not true. Then, we can move on.

Yes, Clinton is stiff, civil and formal but those traits actually are something that many people in this country (and around the world) want and prefer – at least she can become relaxed. Many people do not want to be associated with individuals who make it their mission in life to be:

  • rude/crass,
  • overbearing,
  • insincere,
  • name calling…,
  • unapologetic,
  • “politically INCORRECT”,
  • disingenuous (on an hourly basis),
  • divisive,
  • belittling (of various races, genders, religions, etc.)
  • inflammatory

Many people simply do not want to be engaged with individuals with these kinds of attributes ON A DAILY BASIS and NOT AT ALL if we can help it! Especially when these traits above have been a known trade mark of someone over decades…. And many people especially do not want someone with these traits to be the leader of a nation, a nation with the capacity to intentionally start a devastating and horrific war or become a police state. However, it is okay to sometimes be inflammatory, IF it is for a validly good cause and the end result is the success and/or uniting of disparate people/groups. 

Lastly, on Bill Clinton – HE IS NOT THE ONE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! Drop this aspect.  And let’s move on.

Many people in the United States (many of us wish we actually were a United people instead of all the many islands of uncompromising communities), many people want someone with at least some kind of history of working:

  • in politics
  • with the military,
  • with the intelligence community,
  • with state and local leaders and
  • with leaders of other countries.

Being a leader means:

  • working with people to obtain equality (financially or just in life), no matter the gender, age, race, religion or medical handicap.
  • bringing people together through a spirit of community, not through a spirit of free for all hooliganism at public events (which makes some of us believe we’re living in the U.K. during the height of hooliganism).
  • you have something to say and you have actual plans and methodologies to back up what you say. It does not mean saying you have something but you will not talk about it yet and then never talk about it again….
  • you want to enable others, from the very bottom and into the mid-levels of the economic and educational strata, to become better.  To enable them to in turn become enablers – for themselves and to help others.
  • you are willing to improve the living and working conditions across the entire country for everyone. Conditions such as roads (think infrastructure), pay equality, working environments. It is bad enough that minimum wage is going to take 2 – 4 years in many places to reach the nationally desired goal. The problem with that is, by the time minimum wages get there, inflation and general cost increases will put many of these folks in the same spot they were in 3 – 4 years ago…
  • compromising, even when you are the one getting the short end of the stick, if it means success for all

One has to earn the right to be a leader…

But to be that leader, one must show they are for everyone, not just for certain sections of a country – or for certain groups of people. There is no returning back to 1960, or 1930, where many, many people in this country were/were perceived as second class (or worse) un-equal individuals. From Chinese (from what, the 1800’s to the 1940s), to Women (for all time), to Blacks (since the 1600’s), to Mexicans – no one should be looked down upon as anything less than equal.

We need someone to bring us together, not cause a nation-wide situation of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

That is leadership!