SHOUT OUT to Nurses, Aides, Doctors, Hospital Staff, EMS Crews & Interns – CoVid-19!!!

Nurses, Aides, Doctors, Hospital Staff, EMS Crews & Interns – you all deserve a hearty, strong, overwhelmingly loud SHOUT OUT in the face of our current situation – CoVid-19. And not to forget – law enforcement and firefighters as well.

With our current political situation and current political leaders who are supposed to be thinking of the country and its citizens – you all have a Herculean task in your hands now and in the coming months to years (possibly, but let’s keep our fingers crossed).

You are a key cornerstone of our society. You are working aboveboard and beyond the pale. You are working in conditions that should not exist. You are working with insufficient and outdated equipment. You are working while using outdated disease threat plans and procedures – working without an infrastructure that was in place in 2016 but has since been demolished. There are only scant remnants left behind to help you, now, you have to scramble and scurry to try to re-establish it.

Yet – you are still working hard to help patients.  If I had my hands on $500 worth of masks (surgical or N95) – I would bring them to the nearest hospital in a heart beat and give that staff the entire load.

Let the light of faith (for the religious believers) and the strength of your heart, soul, body and medical ethics keep you strong to outlive any possibility of you getting infected yourselves while you work with us.

Let this be an opportunity for everyone to finally come together, disregarding whatever comes out of the White House and focus on the science, positives and actual facts of what CoVid-19 has already done and will do over the months. We have to come together as one and ignore the political party nature of finger pointing. Forget about being republican or democrat or independent. WE-HAVE-TO-UNITE-NOW! This is not a time to be racist and finger point because that is useless and a waste of time – it just happened to start in China.

  • Take a good hard look at the 1918 Influenza Pandemic and the American President at that time. Just as the current president is doing today, Wilson also did and lied to the country in trying to hide it to downplay the risks and fears. As a result, over 600,000 Americans died because of Wilson who could have prevented some of those needless deaths by acting sooner, in a more responsible manner.  NOTE: Pay attention – we still do not know the origins of that pandemic (Spanish flu). So do not continue blaming the Spaniards for it. At that time, even the Spanish were blaming it on the French and calling it the French flu

We need to focus on solving this problem of ramping up the production of and dissemination of medical supplies for and to all health care facilities in the country. We have to figure out a vaccine (sorry anti-vaxxers, no matter what you believe, all Americans need to either ignore or educate you and not waste our time on conspiracies). We have to move forward in figuring out ways to do BETTER and FASTER mass dissemination of supplies and knowledge to EVERY-SINGLE-CORNER of America and HELP EVERYONE!

We are supposed to be world leaders, leading in multiple categories – yet, we are embarrassingly lagging and as a result – ending up far, far behind most other western/developed countries in the prevention of this spread of coronavirus and ultimately finding resolution that helps everyone rather than losing more people.

UNITY! – Terrorism – Je Suis “Charlie” – Je Suis “The World”

 Je Suis “Charlie”  Je Suis “The World”

President Hollande said it right when he called for UNITY in the wake of the insane terrorist attacks in his country this past week. And yes, it is far beyond the time for people of the world to come together and stamp out terrorists and their terrorism attacks on a free democracy.


People of the world need to wake up and come together become more than just “Charlie.” People of the free living global population must rise up together and become “The World.”

It is that time.


We cannot let terrorists and their hare brained attempts of having a global caliphate through any or all of the various extremist Islamic groups:

  • ISIS (or ISIL or IS)
  • Al-Qaeda (or Al-Qaida)
  • Abu Sayyaf
  • Jemaah Islamiah
  • Boko Haram
  • Etc., etc., etc

People of the world must stand together and stamp out such extremist groups, groups that purport to want to bring purism to the world, by exterminating others who do not fit their standards. This is what entities such as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and Nazism (via Hitler) attempted to do – kill off blacks and Asians and Jews through mass genocide or to keep them as some type of cattle.

These last two groups were completely wrong in their efforts. The KKK wanted to have only a white world when there was and is a large number of whites that are of mixed race – but they do not know that. Hitler wanted to have a pure Aryan race even though at that time, there were a goodly number of mixed race Germans amongst his ranks of “pure bloods.”


Freedom means being free to express your viewpoints without the fear of hatred or retribution. Even if people should know better than to make fun of some image, religious figure, ideology, person group of people and so on – it does not give ANYONE the right to kill someone for making the fun of any of those groups.

Sure, these religious zealots may have been in ‘right’ back during the dark ages of ignorance and superstition 1,000, 2,000 or more millennia ago when people did not know better or were completely suppressed to the where they could not know better. There is no place in the world, among civilized people of the 21st century where there is the right to kill someone for blaspheming (making fun of or going against) any religion.

Anyone should be able to make fun of some religious – if it is good natured fun that’s one thing, if it is education that is another thing, if it is stupidly obnoxious or evil that is another animal. IT STILL DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO KILL SOMEONE FOR DOING SO!!!

Making fun could be making a point or it could be just simply ignorance – we all bear that price for a free society.


People of the world must stand together and stamp out these extremist groups. It means reporting these people or these groups who would cause bodily harm to others or physical damage to public/private structures. And reporting on other people you may know does take courage but it has to be done. No one can just turn a blind eye to others of their own faith, even if it is extreme, if the perpetrator of a future is going to cause physical harm.

Take the attempted firebombing of the NAACP building in Colorado, purportedly by some white guy. First he botched the attack but why did this individual want to firebomb the NAACP? Was it because they were of a different race? Because if it was because of the folks in the Colorado NAACP being black, well, this firebomber has a rude awakening – times have changed and he and others like him need to move on become more sophisticated as we move deeper into the 21st century.

And this goes for people around the globe, this is a new time. This is not 1,000 BCE (or BC if you prefer) where superstition was rampant. It is not 1,000 CE (or AD) where ignorance and suppression were the law (so to speak) of the land.


This is 2015, we must all learn to live with each other and accept the other for the differences there are between you/us. The world is becoming smaller every day, the number of people on the planet keeps going up and living spaces are shrinking as more people move to cities. Religious groups must adapt and learn that their religion is not the only religion or the best religion – there are many but none of them gives anyone the right to kill in the name of religion as the Christian Crusades wrongly did (to name one set of extremes) for so many years, multiple times.


Freedom means that women can have equality in pay for work; or that women can drive a car, unchaperoned in the mid-East. Freedom means that girls and boys can go to school to gain an education rather than girls being banned from learning and boys only attending mind and soul sapping madrassas. Freedom means that if you are of one race or religion, you can freely marry someone of a different race or religion without the fear of being stoned to death.

Freedom means just that, being free to do what you, as an individual wants to do – not because some religious faction or extremely conservative religious organization tells you what to do.


We have freedom of choice; we need to spread it around the world. The world must stand together and stamp out these wildly extreme terrorist groups like Boko Haram. If a country like Nigeria cannot stop the spread and terroristic killings committed by Boko Haram, then the world must step in and help. For example, the African Union and neighboring countries must band together to stop this insidious spread of fanaticism and wholesale murder. Other countries should be willing and wanting to step in and stand with a country such as Nigeria to curtail and stamp out Boko Haram, especially as Boko Haram attempts to compete with ISIS for world attention.

If we do not stand together and stamp out these terrorist groups, they will continue to sprawl out, gaining more converts and continue killing.