Decapitating ISIS & Terrorists and American & Western Interests…

Decapitating ISIS

It seems that some folks want to decapitate ISIS and that is a good thing. But doing it is going to be difficult, especially if the U.S. is going to go about it seemingly by ourselves. {UPDATE 9/6/2014: As many of you are well aware by now, there is a much broader coalition of other nations, via NATO, joining in to work on stopping ISIS, using strategic and tactical efforts…}

Leaders in other Western countries, mid-Eastern countries and their people as well, appear to not want to help quash this growth of barbaric thugs using religion as a cover.

It is quite likely a large number of Americans also do not have the heart to want to stop this group of zealots in a foreign country because it is not in the U.S. of A…

American / Western Interests

The issue of this ISIS problem and translating how it is a danger to American and/or Western interests is not one of presenting it to the large urban cities of the U.S. and Wall Street and the media.

We have to translate this issue for the folks of the mid-West, the Bible Belt, the Rust Belt – basically the people of Main Street.

Sure, talking about decapitating ISIS is one thing but we have to give more concrete examples of how purging ISIS would help American interests.

Now, I mean no disrespect to all but surely many people of Main Street understand that there are a large number of American interests to watch over in the various mid-East countries:

  • Embassy/Consulate personnel (and their families) who are possible targets
  • American businesses attempting to create harmonious opportunities between the country in question and the U.S. are targets
  • American businesses such as FedEx, UPS and others who fly into and out of some of these countries affected by Jihadist bent individuals are targets, especially for those zealots attempting to covertly ship explosives into the U.S. and
  • Peaceful American businesses attempting to expand around the globe (even oil companies)

And let’s not forget the American interests in the Homeland due to terrorist trained individuals. Those Americans and/or individuals from Western allied countries who convert to Islam in order to join the Jihad and easily (if they are not on any watch list) bring newly gained Jihadist skills back to the U.S. or throughout Europe to:

  • Because of our openness, create targets out of shopping malls, banks, office complexes and other venues which have a large potential in causing massive panic and fear
  • Need I go on as to what some idiot suicide bomber could do to American interests, within the U.S.? The converted Islamist zealot does not have to go to a major U.S. city to create havoc, they could go to any or several Main Street U.S.A.(‘s) to cause significant pain for our country.

Any and all conceivable American interests are in jeopardy of ISIS now that they have the funds (I talked about that in another writing), seized weaponry and it seems quite a large number of people to create massive turmoil throughout the mid-East, the E.U.

In addition, ISIS could very possibly, support/supply any American converted idiot/Islamic zealot who for whatever reason (low self-esteem, feeling slighted by some American policy or agency) wanted to create ‘pay-back’ for their individual problem(s).

The American convert does not have to carry any money with them as they return to the U.S. after being trained – Western Union is still one of many ways to transfer money to the converted Jihadist, even if it is via multiple small amount transfers (ie: $3 – 4,000 at a time).

So, do your own thinking of other American interests (in the Homeland or abroad) as to what might be a juicy target for these religious ragamuffins…

Asymmetric Warfare

In performing strategic and tactical moves against ISIS (and Boko Haram – they need some love as well) we have to consider moving to more asymmetric guerilla warfare efforts. If ISIS is doing it, we sure as, ahhh, S**T (or rain) had best be doing the same maneuvering as they are. Besides, did we NOT learn anything from Vietnam and our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 20+ years???

We ‘do’ need to consider more and better ways of tagging and tracking those wanna be American Jihadists before they cause death in this country. And whatever we do decide, we have to be clearly conscious of American and EU privacy issues.

We have to develop better intelligence sources to combat this scourge of evil before they go even further.

We have to develop better relations, somehow, with countries in the mid-East, better than what we have in place now.

We have to get better at communication to be sure what we are saying is coming across clearlyFROM the perspective of those in the mid-East, not through the blinding filter of our Western perception.

But, overall, if we have to fight ISIS and Boko Haram type groups without significant help from other Western or mid-Eastern countries, then we had best become even better at asymmetric guerilla warfare and wipe out these individuals.

For one, we have to cut off the flow of individuals from Syria, at the border there, into Iraq and then create a massive pincer movement (guerilla style) around those fighters within Iraq.

Because if we do not do something now, it will only become worse as time goes on.

Again, there are many who myopically do not see the danger to American interests at this time – those short-sighted individuals (American or European or mid-Eastern) want to be complacent until it is too late.

Or the complacent will decide to leave it to others to fight ISIS. But if it is not the U.S. then who else is fighting ISIS, besides the Kurds who are out-armed…???

Yes, it would be quite nice to decapitate ISIS but we need a major concerted effort to do so. The decapitation of James Foley should have been an eye-opening wake-up call for the faint at heart and weak of will.

So…. wouldn’t it be great in preventing:

  • yet another genocide from occurring (the Yazidis) and/or
  • the forced conversion of people to another religion or else face mass murder…?

Last of all and even more importantly – there MUST be TIMELY and equitable sharing of intelligence information between all law enforcement (LE) and intelligence agencies within the U.S., Interpol and several other Western LE and Intel organizations.

That sharing HAS to happen for any of this having any chance of working. FBI cannot stonewall DHS, nor can DEA block needed intel amongst LE agencies around the country (only two examples here).

Yazidi Should Not Equal Rwanda

The Yazidis

While we were very, very late (years ago) in responding to the Rwandan crisis of the zealous Hutus wiping out, no, horrifically murdering over 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus – we cannot let a similar situation occur again. Never again!

We failed the Tutsis and those sympathizer Hutus. WE CANNOT ALLOW SUCH A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY TO OCCUR AGAIN!

Okay, so the ‘immediate’ crisis of the Yazidis being wiped out on and near Mt. Sinjar, we, the people of the civilized and/or Western world still need to aid the Yazidis. We need to prevent their race from being wiped out or nearly wiped out.


We have to continue working on stopping the growth and reach of the insanely zealous ISIS group. And I have a plan for that – if it were only that simple.

Take 2,000 U.S. troops, not just advisors, to the contested regions. These members will be made up of Special Forces (doesn’t matter – Delta, Green Beret, Seal Team, Recon Rangers, etc), Marines, Soldiers and Navy Seabees. They should be volunteers, with the blessings of their spouses/partners, who want to go into Iraq to help in this ‘humanitarian mission.’

The American people, our Congress and our Senate should be well aware that the aim of our military involvement (and that of any allies and other mid-Eastern countries that want to help, such as Germany, France and the U.K.) is not to help the country of Iraq but the people of Iraq and more importantly, the Yazidis.

We CANNOT stand by, idly and providing minimal assistance while a group of overzealous Islamists attempt to commit genocide and take over a country for religious reasons – even if it means some small number of military personnel on the ground. As it stands, ISIS continues to execute people for not converting to Islam and their way of life. And, oh yes, do not forget ISIS thugs raping women and marrying them off against their will to other crazy ISIS zealots.


And YES, the majority of Iraqis should be helping the Kurds as they in turn are aiding the Yazidis. Many Iraqis should be ashamed in not doing more to defend their country against these militant zealots of ISIS.

If the Western world is willing to fight for the Yazidis, the Iraqi people (Shia and Sunni) bloody well should be willing to help staunch this insane ISIS tribe of thugs.

Now that al-Maliki has actually resigned, maybe the Iraqi people will come together in turning the tide – we’ll see.

While I am not religious, it still brings tears to my eyes to see a race of people and massive amounts of their culture of ancient buildings, art, history and writings being systematically destroyed. For no sane reason!

If, “if” I were younger, I’d volunteer – again – for the Marines to aid in preventing another potential genocide…


Hunting ISIS (or Boko Haram)

Now, again, if it were my plan, I’d send multiple 6 – 8 person teams composed of Special Forces’ members (with 1 Kurd or Iraqi Spec Force on each team) to go after all the ISIS HVTs (high value targets).

With the Marines, Soldiers and Seabees, I’d build ~44 – 45 person Kurd/Iraqi combat teams (that is, Iraqis with a backbone) and add 4 – 5 Americans to each grouping and send this 50 person team after various key points to wipe out those ISIS members.

The American members would be outfitted as high tech as possible (and it is possible) and let them hunt at night time.

  • Helmets with built in Night vision / thermal goggles – and at present time, there are some humdinger models represented by the latest versions of technology (speed, resolution, distance, anti-blinding, etc.) – the goggles would also have the capacity to detect laser (perimeter protection or tripwires) – they would also have a capacity to detect landmines (metal and/or hard plastic) buried near the immediate surface – the helmets would also include bullet proof HUDs (heads up displays) to track team mates, on screen interactive/real time maps (in color)
  • Camouflage clothing and backpacks made of material that mimics the surrounding foliage/environment, not just frilly/wooly gilly suits – the camo clothing would also have some capacity to significantly reduce the thermal footprint (or body) of the wearer
  • Iron clad IFF beacons so there is no friendly fire deaths by mistake
  • Use high powered ammo to guarantee knock downs and destruction of equipment – we do not want those ISIS members getting up again or being able to use the equipment they commandeered in the first place
  • Micro UAVs – outfitted in some kind of ultra-quiet mode so when they hover at 200-500 feet, the ISIS members will not think anything of the whisper quiet UAV blades (and those UAVs will be painted with some kind of camo paint…) – the UAVs will have the best miniature cameras in DARPAs inventory to avoid any pixilation when an image has to be massively magnified as well as superior night time viewing, even at long range distances – the UAVs would also have magnificent communication packages to handle extra-wideband traffic (images & multiple channels) at multi-MB if not GB speeds – all encrypted of course…
  • High performance silencers (rifles, hand guns) would also be nice to have…
  • Hand held rail guns would be very, very nice to perform some fast enemy equipment destruction, but…
  • Having allies (SAS, IDF, French Foreign Legion, etc.) joining in would be very welcome

There is more but I’m stopping here… And as far as Boko Haram goes, I’d use the same techniques and tactics in Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon with the best Nigerian forces


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for preserving human life and the way of life for some people.

  • But, I am all for hunting down people who have committed murder, kidnapping, rape and genocide and want to continue committing murder, kidnapping, rape and genocide and bringing them to justice.
  • I am against any group of people forcing other people to turn to any other brand of religion or way of life
  • Furthermore, I am against any group of people illegally denying any other group or race of people from enjoying a happy, well to do way of life – just because the other group is of a different race

You too should be against a group such as ISIS…