Missing Malaysian jet – Flight MH370 – hijacked, catastrophic accident (or terrorists…)

—– update: Mar 17, see below

Well, since there appears to be conspiracy theories left and right, I’d like to add mine too – yep, me too, me too… in adding to the massive amount of speculation around the world.

Okay, if this airliner is not on the ocean floor bed, sadly entombing 239 people, then it landed somewhere – one of two options, it did not just disappear…

On March 10th, I had posted the following (and received a few, just a few, comments from crackpots and idiots who do not believe in brainstorming):

I had not wanted to post this here (a closed to the public Intelligence website) but it seems that more sites (like the Chicago Tribune) are starting to force people to use the social networking sites to post comments (like factbook, err, facebook and twitter, etc.).

We have no real info on this incident yet, either way, it is horrific, not counting the two who illegally used stolen passports – those are 237 innocent people on that plane, a mind boggling loss (no comparison to 9/11 of course).

In the meantime, I was thinking, or rather – brainstorming. The creative and more forward thinking people (creative & innovative thinkers, Intelligence Analysts/Officers, Business Intelligence Analysts, law enforcement, etc.) out there will appreciate the distinction.

I was thinking that what if the plane was actually hijacked for other reason… and likely without the pilots collusion by:
a) gassing the entire plane to put everyone else to sleep,
b) taking over the cockpit,
c) dumping some fuel/oil to indicate a crash site,
d) kill the radio and transponders (or just turn them off),
e) flying below any and all radar and
f) making their way to some sparsely populated areas to avoid being seen and hide it…

The plane may be 12 years old, but could be re-sold (after scrubbing it of all identifying marks) and re-flagged (illegally), sold for its parts (think big chop shop), or any number of other unthinkable things.

But again, this is just a brainstorming possibility, besides the “possible terrorist” link.

Today, March 15: If the plane landed somewhere, it only needed appx 3,500 – 5,000 feet of space to land. Apparently, according to Tom Casey (a former 777 pilot who was on CNN today), a friend of his landed and stopped a 777 in 3,500 feet.

Now, if this IS a hijacking stemming from some zealots or adversaries or criminals – all they would have to do is gather enough cheap labor to clear a swath of land, long enough to land and just wide enough to make a turn (maybe on this point).

They would just have to clear trees, tall grass and any large rocks – all that is necessary to just land the plane. A somewhat smooth (free of potholes and rocks and trees) plot of land is all they need if they are stripping it (think huge chop shop) for the metals, high tech components and precious metals. 

— Think back to Vietnam and how many rough, impromptu airfields were cleared this way without Seabees being involved.

If they are re-purposing the plane, well, they need to do a better clearing job.

And of course afterwards, cover the plane with a LOT of tree branches/leaves or camo tarp…
— As to all those extra hands who were engaged to clear the land, many zealot groups seem to have no compunction in terminating people for the greater good of some god (you pick one) and leaving their conscious free of any residual guilt.

Then, if the plane really is being repurposed, to what end: Drugs, Human Trafficking, Theft or as a WMD?

All the perps need to do is repaint some other airliner’s colors on this newly acquired plane and initialize the transponders with stolen data (remember, IF it is not on the ocean floor – if they were smart to steal this jet, then they should have no problem stealing some transponder data to spoof another airliner).

Now, again, if the plane IS NOTon the floor bed we have one of four scenarios:

1)  Drug smuggling vehicle (possibly a one shot event)

2)  Human trafficking (possibly a one shot event here too)

3) Chop shop for the materials (see above)

4) Use as a WMD with a dirty bomb or massive amounts of ammonium nitrate aboard…

You choose one with your knowledge and best guess… No one in authority seems to know where this bird is located.

Mar 17 update:

Runway space – “if” this plane did land somewhere, all they (or he or she)  ‘might’ possibly need is a 1,000 – 2,000 stretch of runway for the roughest part of the landing, and THEN the “hijacker(s) and team” would work on a make shift extra 1,500 – 2,000 feet for the plane to stop and turn

Passengers gassed – “if” the plane actually ‘did’ go up to 45,000 feet as supposedly reported and “if” the cabin emergency air supply mask system was turned off – then that would solve the gassing of the passengers (rather gruesome if you ask me), supposedly the passengers would just nod off and go to sleep but would not regain consciousness.

Freedom…. or Death…..

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WMD Well, it looks as if more people of the world would rather watch the innocent Syrians continue to be massacred by Al-Assad…. The evidence continues to be clear that there are chemical weapons being used. And I am willing to bet that it is not Syrian rebels using those kinds of chemicals on other Syrians… Two years and 100,000 people killed – and counting…

Yes, America did the wrong thing in hindsight years ago when Iraq used chemical weapons and we did nothing to stop that. But that was then and today, I don’t believe any American in their right mind would condone another country using chemical weapons on their own people.

Hopefully the U.N. inspectors, even after a lengthy and diluting time period, have found some kind of chemical evidence to prove to the U.N. itself and other countries of the world that ‘yes,’ there were chemical weapons used.

Syria’s Friends Syria is a country that has had a dictatorial government, errr sorry, dictatorial leaders for decades. The people of Syria have been dead set on resolving that matter and wanting to elect, democratically, new leadership for the people (if they can avoid the religious divisions that is hurting Egypt’s elections). The Syrian people no longer want to have someone born into power to run the country and the people. And we have Al-Assad, who does not want to give up that absolute power.

As to friends of the Syrian leadership – is it any surprise they are other countries where the people are controlled, and I will say absolutely controlled, by their country’s leadership. a – China A country with no true religious freedom, no democratic freedom (despite what the leaders say because the leadership is still communistic) and no Internet freedoms because the Chinese ‘Net is monitored and censored to only allow what the Chinese government will allow and shut down when that leadership decides to… b – Iran A country where the former leader, Ahmadinejad, stated there are no gays in Iran, no religious freedom, no “true” democratically elected leadership (clerics still run the country) and no Internet freedom because the Iranian ‘Net is monitored and heavily censored AND can be shut down when their government decides to… c – Russia Another country where to be gay is to be illegal…. But where there actually is freedom on the ‘Net – even if that ‘Net is HEAVILY monitored by state/federal police for ANY kind of dissident or deviants… These are the Syrian leaders’ friends – other countries with severe and heavy handed control of the people. Oh, and countries that want to continue selling weapons to enforce controlling their people…

Uniting So then. I am not sure what is going to transpire next, Syrians continue to die while the rest of the world stands by because many of the people of the various countries do not want their government to get them involved. Instead, people of the world are hoping that: 1 – Conversations will solve the problem (two years and counting), 2 – Sanctions will solve the problem (two years and counting), 3 – Diplomacy will solve the problem (two years and 100,000 people killed and counting)…

And if we, the U.S. and other allies (if they do join us) do get involved with U.N. approval for precision (as best possible) strikes, what will be the aftermath? What will Russia and Iran do to help their ‘Friend’ Syria, a country that purchases munitions from them? Will Russia and Iran condone losing their business buddy – even if Al-Assad is killing innocents wantonly? Or are these two countries using nothing but bravado and bluster to say, “Hey, I’m important, you have to listen to me?” Or will one or both of them take some kind of retaliatory action against the U.S. and allies – kinetically (missiles, bombs), via cyberspace (some kind of debilitating virus / worm) or maybe even some kind of chemical weapon against the U.S.

Conclusion What do we do, continue to talk – or worse, let our do nothing congress engage in rabbithole approach to some kind of answer. And yes, congress is supposed to be giving approval for any kind of strike. Maybe our do nothing congress will surprise us…. While I am not a Hawk, I don’t want to turn ‘any’ cheek while people are getting massacred.