Vehicle to Vehicle conversations – are most of you ready for this?

I’m hoping that many of you have heard about this by now, about how the Dept of Transportation is pushing to mandate a law for Vehicle to Vehicle communication to avoid/reduce accidents.  (Here’s a few links – & &

Well, here we go, down a possible slippery slope.

It will be a great technological plateau to reach as it will reduce vehicular fatalities (very possibly), bodily injuries (again, very likely), accidents and expensive body work repair – even on older cars for which many people cannot afford to fix in some of the dire paycheck to paycheck situations.

However, you just know Homeland Security: Dept of Justice, law enforcement / State, County & City officials, et al, are all going to be salivating, errrr, looking at this as well. Even though, at this point, there is supposedly no data collection.

But, suppose there will ‘also’ be another mandate down the road where some officials believe that it will be beneficial to actually collect and store data – in order to begin data mining for:

  • Criminals and parolees to see who is violating or has violated their probation/parole status (we might really want this one),
  • People with outstanding parking and speeding tickets
  • People (male or female) who are skipping out of their spousal/alimony support
  • People who are violating restraining orders
  • People who are violating the laws/rules of being too close to children at grade/junior/high schools.

I mean, this list could go on and on – do you owe money to the IRS? And let’s not forget about those boyfriend/girlfriend and/or spousal issues where one is spying on or stalking the other and uses this information for mischief or harm.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have my car converse with another car or truck or bus to avoid getting ‘me’ T-Boned. But I would only love it if I know that there is no data mining of my privacy.

I would especially love this tech if I knew that it was not going to be hacked and used to my detriment by petty or serious criminals.

I would NOT love this tech if we are entering the true era of BIG Brother or of 1984 (the movie) and/or the danger of people who believe they can completely rely on this tech without using their own eyeballs, brains and commonsense… Rear end collisions and T-Boning could still occur but let’s hope not. Then there are the folks who constantly and illegally use their cell/smartphones for texting while driving – they are going to erroneously think they will have more warning time to write “one more” sentence without looking up and around.