Cloudacademy New Musical Intro – FOR EVERY BLOODY LESSON!

Warning, this is TL;DR material who do not wish to spend time reading.

UPDATE: Feb 17, 2019: Hmmm, it appears they ‘did’ modify that, what, 10 second musical intro to only play at the beginning of each section of a course rather than at the beginning of each lesson. However, if your course has 20-30 sections, it can still be highly, highly annoying and irritating. They would be better off making it a setting for customers to disable at their leisure, instead of being forced into listening to for each section (some of you may like that but the rest of us do not)… You try listening to these lessons with ear buds on when you’re away from home and on your laptop or tablet – and you forgot to mute the volume for the next new course section. See how well you like it when that blaring musical intro hits your ear drums (hint: it is ‘not’ at a lower volume)…

Feb 7, 2019: Okay, those irritating musical intros (maybe not for everyone but many of us do not want them) – they are still there, for “for-every-blasted-lesson“. And there is no option for us to disable them or turn them off. For me personally, there are other companies out there to gravitate to that I have already recommended to members of my various circles. Oh well, maybe a drop in membership will correct that but it may be too late in losing me and others in my circles as customers. See, the primary gist of the matter is that CloudAcademy believes it to be a very nice gimmicky action to promote their company. But, this specific item is promoting the company in the wrong direction…

Jan 23, 2019: Well, let me correct that last update. Recently, I went back in to do more studying (as if it ever stops) and imagine my surprise (horror) to see that each lesson of each course was back to playing that musical interlude, again!!!! Very annoying – I had to reach out to them in reply to one of their emails to say “Hey, after running into these constant musical interludes, I may “NOT” be returning to this site and making recommendations to my circles; cyber security peers, cloud engineers/developers and CIOsof ‘not’ using these courses with these multiple useless, musical, advertising distractions…

UPDATE: Oct 28, 2018 it seems that one of two things occurred: a) cloudacademy removed that annoying musical intro for every lesson, for everyone or b) they turned it off for my account only…?? not sure which but I am a much happier camper, especially having to also deal with Verizon FiOS issues I had to finally write about and publish {we should not be getting pixelation & drop outs over fiber, especially for 980 Mbps line speeds}.

Well, I have seen and heard some pretty annoying and distasteful things in the past, especially on the telly where you get this “annoying”, “unwanted”, “so-called musical intros” – the kind of thing that makes people change channels as fast as possible or leave the room.

Which then puts the individual into a negative state of mind so as to:

a) stop watching / listening

b) stop recommending something to friends and loved ones

Well, much as it pains me to say so, has gone into that category. Originally, I was going to do this blog in all red but did not want to have any readers suffer…

Not sure why thought these cute, wonderful, musical interludes were going to be a winner for them as a marketing ploy/brand. It’s not. Even if it is “only about 5-7 seconds” – it is unwanted.

When I heard it for the first time, after they went live recently – I about jumped out of my chair. And my laptop volume was not turned up loud – that music simply OPENED. UP. LOUD. as a FRIGGIN’ DEFAULT!!!! So now, whenever I start a lesson, I have to make sure that the FRACKING (replace the letters RA with U [have to be politically correct you see]) volume is turned off. FOR EVERY LESSON!!!!  Yes, I am teed off, can you tell…? This is, for me, primarily in the AWS courses but the musical intro is in other platforms as well as I checked a few (Google, Azure, etc.).


And, you cannot pause it to turn the volume down.

AND, you cannot skip it, aaaarrrrggghhhhh…….


Okay, I’m back – I had to calm down for a bit.  Yep, that is how aggravating it is…  NO MUSICAL INTROS, return to that state.

In the meantime, it seems I am just going to have to step away from this site and simply use competitor sites until cloudacademy returns to silent lesson intros…  That is all we want, some quality content, decent instructors, content that is thorough AND timely that we can focus on – WITHOUT this cute new musical intro in EVERY. BLASTED. LESSON!!!!

If not, I’ll just stop using them and recommend to my networks and acquaintances to go elsewhere. Easy.

Not quite sure how many other users out there like that musical intro – cloudacademy should do a poll to find out about it…


Note: This all originated Sunday / Mon (Oct 22nd) when I wrote to their tech support with the following:

In attempting to go over some course material, nothing plays in firefox!!!! That ‘NEW’ very annoying cloudacademy lead in on EVERY. SINGLE. COURSE. plays for sure but then we get a rectangle at the top left corner of a dark video screen and then nothing.
I have logged off and on the course.
I have gone to other courses on the site – same problem.
I have gone to other sites and their material works….
On cloudacademy, we get that white outlined rectangle in the upper left corner of a dark screen, then the title page of whatever course we are looking at and that is where it stops. The title has a gray tint to it but no controls to do anything….

One of their tech support responded & stated he could not replicate it. So I did more digging (being a very long time IT person myself) – I figured, hmmm, it might be firefox since it works well in chrome & IE (the annoying music still played as well).

But today, I saw that firefox has a new update, ver 63 – so, again – I figured I’d update that browser.

It did resolve the non-playing, grayness and lack of video controls but it is still acting up. It is not firefox or my laptop (alienware, i7-7820 / 16 GB DDR4 RAM / 8 GB GDDR5 video  Win 10 pro and an SSD).  As you hover over a course to play, that desired lesson starts blanking out and then fluctuating (you have to either refresh the page or kill the tab). This only occurs with firefox – so some setting was tweaked at cloudacademy that pertains to firefox but not to other browsers. Nope, not going back to cloudacademy with my findings, I can do without the aggravation.

This is now a moot point for me, I likely won’t be on the site until they get rid of that musical intro for every lesson…