When College Students Lose The Right To Vote

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Montravius King – congratulations on your winning that unnecessary N.C. state Board of Election (BoE) gathering and voting last night (Tues Sept 3).

You should not have had to go through that as N.C. put in these unrealistic NEW laws which are illegal. They do not supersede federal laws. As students, you all have the right to vote.

When you were first introduced on The Rachel Maddow Show and I saw what was going on with “a certain” group of students of college campuses across N.C., I had thought this would be quickly done away with and you all would continue to vote as the law allows. Little did I know how painful the BoE would make things….

Keep on pushing, keep on winning. The way you’re going, you’re likely to be the next Martin Luther King Jr. (coincidence you having the same last name….). We need someone like him yet again, maybe it is you. You are a brave sole and you had a very uphill fight and you were right to keep your resolve.

Keep going Montravius, keep going. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost