Yazidi Should Not Equal Rwanda

The Yazidis

While we were very, very late (years ago) in responding to the Rwandan crisis of the zealous Hutus wiping out, no, horrifically murdering over 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus – we cannot let a similar situation occur again. Never again!

We failed the Tutsis and those sympathizer Hutus. WE CANNOT ALLOW SUCH A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY TO OCCUR AGAIN!

Okay, so the ‘immediate’ crisis of the Yazidis being wiped out on and near Mt. Sinjar, we, the people of the civilized and/or Western world still need to aid the Yazidis. We need to prevent their race from being wiped out or nearly wiped out.


We have to continue working on stopping the growth and reach of the insanely zealous ISIS group. And I have a plan for that – if it were only that simple.

Take 2,000 U.S. troops, not just advisors, to the contested regions. These members will be made up of Special Forces (doesn’t matter – Delta, Green Beret, Seal Team, Recon Rangers, etc), Marines, Soldiers and Navy Seabees. They should be volunteers, with the blessings of their spouses/partners, who want to go into Iraq to help in this ‘humanitarian mission.’

The American people, our Congress and our Senate should be well aware that the aim of our military involvement (and that of any allies and other mid-Eastern countries that want to help, such as Germany, France and the U.K.) is not to help the country of Iraq but the people of Iraq and more importantly, the Yazidis.

We CANNOT stand by, idly and providing minimal assistance while a group of overzealous Islamists attempt to commit genocide and take over a country for religious reasons – even if it means some small number of military personnel on the ground. As it stands, ISIS continues to execute people for not converting to Islam and their way of life. And, oh yes, do not forget ISIS thugs raping women and marrying them off against their will to other crazy ISIS zealots.


And YES, the majority of Iraqis should be helping the Kurds as they in turn are aiding the Yazidis. Many Iraqis should be ashamed in not doing more to defend their country against these militant zealots of ISIS.

If the Western world is willing to fight for the Yazidis, the Iraqi people (Shia and Sunni) bloody well should be willing to help staunch this insane ISIS tribe of thugs.

Now that al-Maliki has actually resigned, maybe the Iraqi people will come together in turning the tide – we’ll see.

While I am not religious, it still brings tears to my eyes to see a race of people and massive amounts of their culture of ancient buildings, art, history and writings being systematically destroyed. For no sane reason!

If, “if” I were younger, I’d volunteer – again – for the Marines to aid in preventing another potential genocide…


Hunting ISIS (or Boko Haram)

Now, again, if it were my plan, I’d send multiple 6 – 8 person teams composed of Special Forces’ members (with 1 Kurd or Iraqi Spec Force on each team) to go after all the ISIS HVTs (high value targets).

With the Marines, Soldiers and Seabees, I’d build ~44 – 45 person Kurd/Iraqi combat teams (that is, Iraqis with a backbone) and add 4 – 5 Americans to each grouping and send this 50 person team after various key points to wipe out those ISIS members.

The American members would be outfitted as high tech as possible (and it is possible) and let them hunt at night time.

  • Helmets with built in Night vision / thermal goggles – and at present time, there are some humdinger models represented by the latest versions of technology (speed, resolution, distance, anti-blinding, etc.) – the goggles would also have the capacity to detect laser (perimeter protection or tripwires) – they would also have a capacity to detect landmines (metal and/or hard plastic) buried near the immediate surface – the helmets would also include bullet proof HUDs (heads up displays) to track team mates, on screen interactive/real time maps (in color)
  • Camouflage clothing and backpacks made of material that mimics the surrounding foliage/environment, not just frilly/wooly gilly suits – the camo clothing would also have some capacity to significantly reduce the thermal footprint (or body) of the wearer
  • Iron clad IFF beacons so there is no friendly fire deaths by mistake
  • Use high powered ammo to guarantee knock downs and destruction of equipment – we do not want those ISIS members getting up again or being able to use the equipment they commandeered in the first place
  • Micro UAVs – outfitted in some kind of ultra-quiet mode so when they hover at 200-500 feet, the ISIS members will not think anything of the whisper quiet UAV blades (and those UAVs will be painted with some kind of camo paint…) – the UAVs will have the best miniature cameras in DARPAs inventory to avoid any pixilation when an image has to be massively magnified as well as superior night time viewing, even at long range distances – the UAVs would also have magnificent communication packages to handle extra-wideband traffic (images & multiple channels) at multi-MB if not GB speeds – all encrypted of course…
  • High performance silencers (rifles, hand guns) would also be nice to have…
  • Hand held rail guns would be very, very nice to perform some fast enemy equipment destruction, but…
  • Having allies (SAS, IDF, French Foreign Legion, etc.) joining in would be very welcome

There is more but I’m stopping here… And as far as Boko Haram goes, I’d use the same techniques and tactics in Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon with the best Nigerian forces


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for preserving human life and the way of life for some people.

  • But, I am all for hunting down people who have committed murder, kidnapping, rape and genocide and want to continue committing murder, kidnapping, rape and genocide and bringing them to justice.
  • I am against any group of people forcing other people to turn to any other brand of religion or way of life
  • Furthermore, I am against any group of people illegally denying any other group or race of people from enjoying a happy, well to do way of life – just because the other group is of a different race

You too should be against a group such as ISIS…


ISIS, Boko Haram & Home Grown Terrorists – in the U.S…. Surveillance time?

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It appears that we are entering another era of pain and trouble, globally.

When I say we, it is not the ‘Royal “We”’ but we as in citizens of the world, in the Western developed countries and most especially those of us in the U.S. 

We, the United States, have stepped into a situation in the mid-east that should have been handled by that country’s own military and security forces. That country, yes, is Iraq.

Due to Nouri al-Maliki, of the Shia sect, Prime Minister of Iraq being ‘unwilling’ to logically, diplomatically, politically and economically share power with the Sunni and the Kurds of that country – he failed on a massive scale. So, as a result, we now have the outrageous growth of a group of religious zealots – the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, formerly ISIL and even further back, an off-shoot of al-Qaeda (or al-Qaida or even al-Qa’ida – depending on your viewpoint and background).


In doing our humanitarian bit of sending our resources (men, women, financial, materiel, etc.) to willingly go into harm’s way to help those that cannot help themselves, we may have painted another bulls eye on our collective back. ISIS is easier to type than writing out their latest and newest name, kinda like some rock star constantly changing names depending on where the moon is in the sky…. so, I will continue using ISIS.

As it stands, there is no other country willing to step as far forward and help other countries with the advancements of equality, democracy and openness. These other large countries only make token drops of assistance during times of disaster or humanitarian need.

Yes, yes, yes, the U.S. – we DO still have problems but we are continually working on them, much better than many other large countries seem to be doing. For example, we do not censor or block Internet access just because some official (or government) does not want transparency and/or takes offense at someone or some group making disparaging/revealing remarks/statements …


A couple of days ago, Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group ISIS, in talking about America made this statement (1): ““We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” he added.”

Now what does that tell you? Keep in mind, this group of zealots has taken over banks and control of vast amounts of money to fund their growth. Also keep in the forefront of your thoughts, the world community cannot willy nilly freeze the Iraqi currency, the dinar, to keep it from being used…

And in addition, remember, these zealots have taken over Iraqi bases and armories, facilities full of weaponry that can be moved across borders. The weapons I refer to are things that can easily be smuggled, RPGs, grenades, mines and other projectile bombs and mines.

Think about it, if people and other illicit items (drugs, alcohol and cigarettes) can easily find their way into the U.S., so too can this kind of weaponry find its way onto American soil – for a price, via down on their luck (or not) traitorous U.S. citizens.

Many of you out there already are aware of the ‘Home Grown Terrorist’ growth in the U.S. and how so many people want to be part of a Jihadist movement – for whatever reason. These ‘home grown’ individuals are from many parts of America and take many forms as you have seen:

  • Mexican American
  • White American
  • Black American and all the
  • Displaced/Immigrated – legal/illegal mid-easterners – Iraqi, Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian, Yemeni, Saudi and on and on and on…

Now that ISIS has their hands on quite a bit of money, manipulative propaganda and weaponry, the next step you have to take is in asking yourself, “How much of these new resources can ISIS move into the West (and the U.S.)?”

Then you have to ask yourself “How fast can they do it?”

Following these two basic questions, you should be thinking, “Can we see this movement in real time and stop it, using tools like the power of the SWIFT network (2). Will we possibly use the power of our intelligence agencies to take peeks into the meta-data of phone, internet communications “BEFORE” something catastrophic occurs in the U.S., similar to our 9/11 rather than attempting to connect the dots “AFTER” whatever happens, happens.

The only snag here is, will the American people and people of other western countries be willing to allow tighter surveillance and scrutiny to stop the growth and insidious spread of ISIS and whatever harm they will continue to do…???

We now, more than ever, will need to strategize on how to counter a newer crop of home grown terrorists in light of the funding that ISIS has on hand and is getting. Some of that funding is and/or was purportedly from some U.S. allies – Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, I have no way of corroborating this other than going with content from several news outlets, two included below (3,4).

Will the Western world be willing to have tighter security in advance of ISIS or wait and see what happens, after it is too late? We, the U.S. will need law enforcement in conjunction with intelligence agencies, local/state/federal governments to develop and implement even better strategies on dealing with a ‘possible’ slew of more new home grown terrorists…

We already know that this group wants to put its imprint on everything and force everyone to bow to their way of life – sharia law, follow Islam or die, the continual destruction of ancient artifacts and buildings simply because they are not Islamic.

We also already know that the mass number of Muslims around the world do not stand for this brand of Islamic beliefs. However, I am very surprised that many more Muslims are not helping to stop this cancerous growth or condemning what ISIS is doing.


Boko Haram is likely hitching, or probably willing to hitch their wagon to ISIS, though I have no way of knowing if either group wants to be connected to the other.


No one should be fooling themselves into thinking that ISIS will never create trouble (or death) on the homeland that is just a waste of brain cells. These people are serious, deadly serious.

And I have not heard it yet but I would not discount anyone stating that these people have airplanes (after taking over so many Iraqi facilities) they can use as a form of WMD…


Is anyone willing to believe that ISIS could not make it to the U.S.? Is anyone going to be foolish enough to make a bet on that? Because as far as I know, no one on planet Earth is omniscient, at least not until someone reaches the long heralded Singularity…

Is anyone foolish enough to believe that we should not be making “better” preparations for Home Grown Terrorists ahead of ISIS aiding any maladjusted, misguided and dare I say ‘crazed’ individuals?

We already saw a significant spike in militias and sovereign citizens since our 44th President took office – we do not need more.


And hopefully I do not come across as a dogmatic scare-monger; I am just looking at the landscape and down the road – especially if the people of the mid-Eastern countries cannot take care of this ISIS problem…



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