CoViD-19 Hospital Xenon Disinfection for Reuse – Masks, PPE Suits & Gloves

UPDATE: Someone brought up the viewpoint of mask density this past week in regards to Xenon UV light pulsing. “The mask thickness may prevent that UV light from penetrating deep enough into the mask.” This is a very valid aspect that I have not found addressed in any medical literature.  Hopefully, an expert on this specific aspect can chime in and address whether Xenon machines are or are not a viable solution to disinfecting masks and other medical gear noted below.

Hmmm, hospital staff & EMS reusing surgical masks/outfits….

Is it not possible to put the masks & gear on racks, put them in a room with a Xenon disinfectant machine and sterilize the gear for reuse…???

This is not a new area for many in the medical field. Xenon UV pulse disinfection study and actual work has been going on since 2014 (from my layman’s knowledge). It has been proven to clean up Ebola (once it is dry and not in liquid form).

These are portable Xenon generating machines that uses high intensity flashes of ‘germicidal’ UV light to zap bacteria, germs, contamination and viruses. Some hospitals have them – so why not use them for sterilizing masks, PPE’s and other necessary and reusable hospital gear?

  • And what about sharing the machines in this period of dire need you ask, see note at end.

This should be possible as this is what is done to sterilize a hospital room/surgical suite for c. diff (Clostridium difficile), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other coronaviruses as well as performing contamination control in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

I became aware of pulsed Xenon disinfection from 1 of several medical articles read years ago. This UV light is used for disinfection of high touch surfaces to prevent infection in contaminated environments. Wouldn’t it be feasible…

These Xenon generating machines will take ~5 minutes to disinfect a room and maybe 10 minutes to flash it twice to ensure all germs/viruses are dead. Disclaimer here – you will also have to tack on more time due to having someone go into the room to flip items over or turn racks around to get the bottom / other side. But even with this additional added time – it will allow hospitals to reuse critical equipment that is in extraordinary demand!!!

Here are a few Xenon disinfecting – virus/germ zapping links:

Alas, the machines do cost $100,000 and up…

BUT!!! If hospitals in the region did have one AND were willing to share the Xenon disinfection process with other hospitals that did not have one or could not afford one – what could be better…????

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