In re: to CoViD-19 – To the young, adventurous, strong & cavalier youth of the world

In re: to CoViD-19 – To the young, adventurous, strong and cavalier youth of the world.

Be careful, please! While you may be impervious (according to many youth as to how they see themselves) – you may also be ‘that’ carrier and infecting many, many others in your ‘seemingly’ carefree journeys.

While it is good that you are strong and not at all concerned for yourselves – you do however, have to be concerned about others. Because if you are ‘that’ asymptomatic carrier, you are likely infecting your older friends, your older family and relatives and your older workers, possibly causing a large number of them to succumb, and maybe become one of the deceased.

And when we talk about older individuals, we are talking about people in their 40’s, 60’s, 80’s and up. We simply do not know the age cutoff as to when people are significantly or severely affected, swinging from moderate illness to death. And we for sure do not yet know if babies are susceptible.

So, sure, you do not have to be that concerned yourselves and are definitely not prone to panic about this coronavirus. Are you an expert on this disease (most of us are not – no matter how much facebook or twitter you read and/or respond to ‘without’ reading)…?

Yep, you can tell when someone is older than you – but, can you identify someone around you as to whether they have a compromised immune system, damaged lungs or heart disease?

But you ‘should’ be concerned about everyone else around you… And if you are ‘that’ carrier and either:

a) simply pass it off to your close friends who then possibly infect others or

b) you directly infect others who in turn infect others, etc., etc., etc…

Your lack of concern can be the cause for this disease to linger and infect more. We still do not know if folks become immune after an infection or whether they relapse, due to a weakened system from the last time they caught it.

We just do not know enough yet, so please, be careful in your physical contacts and presence.

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