TurboTax – Time to Ditch It….? Useless…? Painful…?

Mar 31st update:

Well, as of today, still nothing from any kind of support from TurboTax about a simple issue of deleting a state form and starting a new state form.  

It is NOT to ‘remove’ a form or its data – quite a few people keep pitching the ‘remove data’ as a solution instead of deleting a form OR they “think” everyone is using the Online version when many of us are using the CD or downloaded version.  It seems ALL of the solutions refer to TurboTax Online only…

HR Block may become my new best friend for now… So, yes, low cost software = very, very little support from the company producing the software. Now I have to do the process I did not want to do – a) uninstall the software b) delete all Windows registry items referencing TurboTax c) reinstalling the software d) plugging back in the data… Such is life.


Hmmm, it might be time to ditch TurboTax for HRBlock and give them a shot.

We made a mistake in using the ‘included’ free state selection – erroneously got into that free state that comes with the deluxe version to see what it presents. We bought the CD version and not the Online version. NOTE: There is no clear or easy way to delete the incorrect state and get back to the proper state.

In trying to get help from folks, which is like being in a vicious cycle, on the ‘support‘ / ‘community‘ site, (link below) they seem to keep passing out this particular link as if EVERYONE is using that online version, even when the person with the question (including me) clearly stated they have the CD/download (Windows or Mac) version and basic or deluxe version of it.


When you get to that link, this is the content:

How do I delete my state return in TurboTax Online?

There’s an additional per state charge in TurboTax Online, including Free Edition, since the Absolute Zero promotion has ended.

You can delete your state return in TurboTax Online as long as you haven’t paid or registered yet:

You may notice how it indicates turbotax online, right… (the red is my highlighting)  It seems to be the ‘go to’ answer to solve everyone’s problem. Basically, when you need support, you’re somewhat on your own. For example, when you plug in your question to search for answers, you get several if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky and did not plug in the proper key search terms, the site wants you to go back and edit it and try again.

You cannot email anyone and you’re at the mercy of getting someone who knows the correct answer to assist you.

So, keep remembering that for the price you pay for that software, you may not get the support you need in comparison to other software. And over the years, I’ve tried to get support before, once, and it was painful. I will have to uninstall the software and delete all Windows registry entries concerning turbotax (if you do this, you had best know what you’re deleting).

Now, after using this software for some years, it looks like it is time to give the competition a go or go back to working with humans…

At the moment, I’m now ranking turbo tax in the lower digits of success…


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