Oscars 2016 – White Actor(ess) Gifting Oscar(s) to Actor(ess) of “Another” Race…

UPDATE: Feb 28, 2016

Well, here we are in another year and another Oscar event – same situation as last year as everyone has noticed. I wonder if this year will be different, as far as an actor/actress of one race gifting their hard earned Oscar award to an actor/actress of another race – I do wonder.

Yes, I do know a great deal of work went into getting to the Oscar level, but still, I wonder? Will there be anyone big enough to gift their Oscar tonight…

Who Won This Year?

So…. it appears that the folks (and leadership) responsible for picking out the golden people to win an Oscar this year seem to have been, ahhhh, missing some brain tissue or at least a small bit of intelligence…


Were there really no ‘superb’ Black or Asian or Hispanic actors/actresses worthy enough of being chosen for such an illustrious award?

Were the reviewers who picked out the possible actors/actresses somehow, ummm, dissuaded or even persuaded to only pick white actors? Not sure on this one – will we ever know…

Were the folks who needed to review possible films in order to choose Oscar candidates clueless and/or asleep at the switch (screening room)????


Well, what if one of the white actors/actresses, onstage and live, gifted their Oscar to one of the black (or Asian or Hispanic) actors/actresses who were snubbed this year.

Wouldn’t that shake up the news cycle for a week or two? Wouldn’t that make Twitter go ballistic in the number of tweets during and after the awards?

Wouldn’t that raise the stature of the white actor/actress gifting their 2015 Oscar to another actor, due to the lack of color a person of the year…??? Wouldn’t that make that gifting individual appear to be the most gracious and generous person on the planet – in actuality…???

That gifter would become the best gifter on the planet in making the life of another THAT MUCH BETTER…


But what can we expect; this is all just wishful thinking. But, if it did happen, it would make winners out of some special people…

Many of us only hope that impropriety or, aaargghh, racist were not the primary causes of this oversight.



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