Ebola AND Enterovirus D68, BOTH…

NOTE: This piece is a “What If” scenario. This is specifically a forward thinking piece for something that hopefully never arrives.

It is only, what could happen… 

First, D8, it is a highly contagious disease and is killing children (two to date) but is not getting the same coverage in the U.S. as Ebola. D68 is occurring at a time when we have so many parents ignorantly not having their children, or themselves, vaccinated against many known diseases. And most of us know that because of these parents not getting their children vaccinated, we endure more outbreaks of diseases we had put down many years ago. 

What if someone with Enterovirus, what if someone with D68 also – “somehow” contracts Ebola…? Or vice versa, if it were even possible – remember, this is a “what if” piece.

“What if” the two diseases manage to mutate into some form of an even deadlier and more contagious super disease…? 

However, there is an easy fix for D68 – parents, get your children, and yourselves, vaccinated… 


But, we have some very smart people working at the CDC, NIH, WHO, Ft. Detrick and other infectious disease institutions who can eventually work out a cure or at least a vaccine.

The primary hurdle to do these jobs however, has been funding to these organizations, funding that our congress has seen fit to cut over the past decade.

Then too, we have computing advances like Watson from IBM, other super-computers and even computing systems like Amazon Web Services that can make faster progress in solving some of our medical disasters.

Clap for our brilliant and at times, backward thinking U.S. congress. May we see them finally doing the jobs they went to congress for, working for the people and not working to line their pockets with insider/secret information and also not listening to the wild vocal minority with irrational or selfish thoughts AND not listening to the uber-rich who wish to steer congress into making laws conducive to the 1%.

Congress should have the best interests of the majority of the people and for ideas and principles that benefit the majority – rationally and non-religiously…



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