Bad job to BETTER job — Pride, Excellence & Success…

Bad job to BETTER job — Today, one cannot just shuffle along in our world and expect to make a decent living. Nor should you be even contemplating shuffling along. Today, one has to do better. You must absolutely do better.

TIP: Anyone CAN learn a new job if you are able and willing to learn something new and can readily adapt.

Caveat: some jobs do require higher levels of math, science and engineering but outside of that, YOU can pick up a new job, especially if your new job environment is also willing to help you learn any extra pieces of needed knowledge to be successful.

If you find yourself in a job that you dislike, causing you much angst and grief or even if you out-right hate your job – you cannot just up and quit, not without a decent plan in place. Because if you do just quit, whether it is out of spite due to hating your job or any other number of reasons, you’re apt to repeat that ‘mistake,’ likely making it into a continuous cycle.

Instead, why not take a huge step further and be better, if not the best, at what you are doing…? Take pride in your job and do your best to learn all you can about it, even if no one is willing to assist you. It may take longer but you can do it. Do the best possible work at that job – while you’re planning for your next, better, job. Your efforts and preparations will more than pay itself back in dividends you did not expect.

For one, even if you ‘do’ hate your current job, what you do will show others how dedicated you are to your work, your job, your livelihood.

For another, if you are doing your best, you “WILL” gain a glowing recommendation going forward. If your superiors do not notice and give you such a recommendation, after you have done your best while doing that great work – that is a failure on your superior’s part, not on you.

— Make no mistake though, you ‘have’ to do a great job, not a half-ass job or anything that you ‘think’ will make others satisfied – you MUST do a job that others will perceive as an actual great job due to “your” efforts. You cannot/should not be sitting around talking about and playing Fantasy Football or March Madness, etc., as so many others do during working hours, you have to do better.

If you take pride in doing the best you can, it will show through to others. And yes, it will/may be difficult at times but you must keep going, even in the many varied faces of adversity – keep your enthusiasm for your future up, somehow. Be positive; use some kind of imagery or memories or visualization that is motivating to you to keep you going. Push yourself.

— Keep taking one step at a time, it will get better.

Even better, the work you do will not only show through to your superiors, it will show through to your customers and your customers will have a much more wonderful experience. And make no mistake here, most people that you encounter during your work day is your customer in one form or another.

Just because you might be suffering, why make your customers suffer – needlessly? If you make them suffer, or cause them to, they will always remember you, in no flattering terms…

Having that Pride and Excellence shine through every working hour “WILL” definitely put on the right path to Success – you just have to follow through and create a more wonderful cycle of work life at your current unsatisfying job, instead of a repeating, self-fulfilling prophecy of continual job hatred.

You ‘have’ to do better, then move on to more success.

All the difficult efforts you experience will reap many benefits later on; you just have to be patient to realize those future goals. Nothing is free and many things are not immediate, unfortunately, you will/may have to suffer some difficulties and some intolerable work to move on.

There is not much that is easy, you just have to keep on pushing until you do find the work, the job you love doing.

But, be CONFIDENT in everything you do! That confidence will also help you in your strides forward – without a good helping of confidence, well, let’s just say you should work at having confidence in everything you do, it is worth it.



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